Sunday, September 28, 2008


The first part is true according to Jon Heyman and other websites who are all reporting that Jerry Manuel is returning as Mets manager. The second part can only be assumed. First the Yankees don't listen to Mike about Joba, now the Mets are refusing to listen. Hell hath no fury like Francesa scorned.
 Mike believes that the Mets need to head into the new ballpark without connections to the failures of the past, the Mets obviously believe the opposite since they will be bringing to Citi Field not only the GM, manager (and 2007 coach), along with shortstop, third and first baseman, centerfielder and several other players who were a part of both the 2007 and 2008 Mets meltdowns.

 First Time Long Time and I have been talking and here are the points Mike is likely to repeat many times tomorrow. Here are the OVER/UNDERS

1. Jerry Manuel shouldn't be the manager: Over/Under 46. We will hit the thousands by Friday. The Mets have disobeyed an order. This is unacceptable.
2. Breaking up the core: Over/Under 55: This could be the most repeated one of the day. The Mets needing to get new energy, new winning players, players who are not a part of this history.
3. Trading the shortstop: Over/Under 30: When Mike says breakup or moving players out, or breaking up the core, it's really code for trading the shortstop who is also named Jose Reyes. Mike doesn't like Reyes, he has been wanting to trade him since before Willie was fired. He will certainly be banging the drum for this one.

 What points are we missing? 


KBilly said...

Screw Mike. Fat blowhard. I could care less what that fat bastard says.
Get in my belly. I'm gonna eat your baby.
Mike Francesa

Anonymous said...

Are the Giants number one in the power poll? Not sayin they're not, but it's tough now. I could see Dallas still there. Tennessee? No good answer this week.

loki said...

You are missing every point.