Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well, today was the first glimpse we got of Francesa and Russo going head-to-head at pretty much the same time slots. Gman was following Dog for us. I followed Francesa. Let's take a look at the Tale of the Tape Today:

Russo: 5'9
Francesa: 5'10

Russo: Excellent
Francesa: Awful

Russo: Solid
Francesa: Dull

Russo: 160
Francesa: Unavailable

Russo: Was there one?
Francesa: Lame rip-off

Russo: 31
Francesa: Unavailable

Russo: Solid
Francesa: Non-existent

Russo: 15
Francesa: Spineless

Looks like a unanimous decision folks. Round One goes to Russo. Did the judges miss anything?


KBilly said...

Dog had the classic rock bumpers and a more masculine announcement instead of that gay jingle (I always hated the jingle)
Russo with a 1st round KO in my opinion.
Go Giants...

Loki said...

Please write something useful tomorrow. We already know you hate Francesa and think he's fat.

lt sam weinberg said...

loki, welcome to the blog. thank you for your feedback. we do try our best to write useful things. we will do better tomorrow.

Loki said...

lt sam weinberg, you are truly welcome. I try to do my best, maybe you should too. BTW, I am the anon. you talks shit about all your blogs..I go by Loki now, as suggested by gman<3

F da police

lt sam weinberg said...

loki, i don't remember talking about you on the blog, perhaps because you were anonymous. i am not certain. i don't hate francesa. i don't care if he is fat. i like plenty of people who are big. i don't like that mike is completely arrogant and refuses to ever admit that he is wrong. i also think he spends a large amount of time speaking from a mountaintop that i am not sure he has earned. but these issues don't mean i hate him, and like i said, i fully support him to eat as much food, drink as many sodas as he likes. Loki i am glad you have a name and are no longer anonymous.

Loki said...

Yes well I was sick and tired of not getting 100% credit for my comments so I felt it was necessary to make a name in order to protect my reputation of the shitter on your blog.

lt sam weinberg said...

that is a terrific reputation to protect. keep up the fine work.