Thursday, September 4, 2008


Looking at this little blog of ours that we sure do love, I've realized that perhaps we need to BE CAREFUL and HOLD ON NOW so that we are not simply here to not simply bury Mike Francesa but to praise him. Or at least sometimes say a few positive words about him. I don't really having any positive in particular to say about him but figured if someone did, here's your chance.
And maybe you hate his new show, maybe it's something positive from two years ago, or 19 years ago. Maybe it is from a dream you had where you were drowning and Mike saved you, kind of like "In the Air Tonight." Maybe it was one time you were fighting with your wife or girlfriend and then she heard Mike on the air and immediately stopped fighting with you because "at least you are not as arrogant as that guy." You then went and married that girl and well, you got Mike to thank for that. Or maybe you spent a football season picking against his picks and won tons of money and bought that dream house you had always wanted, and now you walk around that house and think.. THANK YOU MIKE FRANCESA.

We turn it over to you, we do not want to simply be some pro Chris Russo blog, we want to make room for the big fella. Show some love, he's worked two out of four days this week. He deserves it.


Loki said...

You talk shit about him 24/7 but now want people to comment on good things about him? Try to be a little bit more consistent would ya?

<3 Loki

KBilly said...

Done with Mike.
Doggie only after today's comparison.
Kay is better than Mike solo.

WTSherman said...

Show my love for Fatcesa? Why?

Mike sucks.

bigjf said...

He sounds as good as everyone else once I've changed the channel. What else? The hair coloring product he uses looks decent...I like green tea and I don't hate Diet Coke? That's about all I got.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Is this the eulogy of Hyped Up or he calls it Miked up, cuz that is what it sounds like.

Rock said...

Mike is an arrogant blow hard and I've had it with his show. I listened mostly to Russo today. Just a much better show and he doesn't talk down to everybody like Fatso.

brianinlowereastside said...

Mike is alright. I wonder if I mistake his humor for arrogance. Like yesterday, when he was doing the over/unders. Not sure who the kid was he was on the air with, but I think Mike was trying to be funny when to me, it sounded like arrogance. I don't know. Perhaps the Dog and Kay should do a show together? K-Dog.

Anonymous said...

Mike held the show together. Get the big guy in studio next week and the magic will flow. "ALL WE ARE SAYING IS GIVE MIKE A CHANCE."

Anonymous said...

Here's my take on things:

I don't like Mike and his arrogant ways, dull personality, or condescending attitude towards callers and staff!!! His recent solo shows have been awful to say the least!

I much prefer Dog and I miss his style very much!!!

That being said-- I wonder if we are underestimating Mike and his competitive nature especially when it comes to showing up Russo?

Is he waiting for the official face-off date to pull out the new jingle, format, and other hosts? Has he been waiting to see what tricks the Dog has up his sleeves? Of course Mike won't involve himself much(that would require too much effort), but I'm sure Fatso has a staff of 20 working behind the scenes to better the show. That will also give Mike an "out" by being able to "blame" others for any failures.

I find it hard to believe that the current format is what Mike will continue with since the shows have SUCKED big time.


Peteski said...

I really liked the interviews yesterday with the guy on the cell phone who was hanging out the car window (topic: something about watching NFL games on your phone) and the one at the Meadowlands that was going over the PA (topic: something about everyone dies of cancer). That was excellent.

Wait, ... what does excellent mean again?

And I like when he tries to mix it up with the guys in production - so sassy.
He comes off too harsh and unfunny.

ps. I think he's reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

Yea i thought he was anon at first but he is now loki...and he definitely reads this stuff..

gman26 said...

Loki - Are you Mike Francesa? Or are you a freshman at Seton Hall, just trying to get in girls' tacos?

Loki said...

Gman, I am who ever you want me to be <333333333

P.S. You now made me hungry by mentioning tacos

Anonymous said...

Does this guy ever work? I think he has put in a total of 2 1/2 weeks worth of work this summer. Every time I look on YES for him I get an encore of last weeks Yankees game with a tag line apologizing for no Francesa.
How about some analysis on baseball WHILE the season is on?