Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I woke up this morning, turned on NY1 because i love that "In The Papers" segment. Helps me know what's happening in the front page without having to read it. It's like the reading version of breakfast in bed. So i got the smooth tones of Pat Kiernan going and i am moving through my morning routine of looking through the New York papers and by looking through i mean, sports pages, entertainment and page six. As i am going through this i am thinking there are going to be some articles about Mikey's big rant yesterday, everyone will have been talking about it and then writing about it the next day. I looked and I looked and I looked some more, I then by mistake turned on Mike and Mike, almost ran away like that teacher in Harlem who decided to "disappear" yet also checked her email at the Apple Store and showered at NY Sports Club, probably not the best way to vanish, but we all have our interpretations of the word.

After all that and much searching and googling (amazing how that is actually a real VERB, "googling") I realized that no one had written anything. This isn't exactly the "scream in the woods, does anyone hear you scenario." Mike screamed and ranted for 20 minutes on the #1 rated talk show in New York, called out people by name, and not a word was written. Mr Raissman had not one sentence in the Daily News. Neil Best still had his blog up from yesterday. Phil Mushnick was still upset about some obscure abbrevation of a team on ESPN's bottom line during Saturday college football.

Maybe it's true, the media doesn't like Mike. That doesn't seem far fetched. There were stories in every paper about Russo's debut on Sirius. Even USA Today had something. I don't mind that no one pays attention to Mike. I actually think it's a good thing, but it is a bit interesting that there was no coverage of it.

If you call in today, and don't give me this "I don't call radio shows" nonsense. Feel free to mention to Mike that no one seemed to care about his rant. That should start you off on a good note with the Big Fella.


Brian said...

HAHA. Silent treatment to Fatcessa!

Loki said...

Haha, It will be interesting to see how Francesa responds today. Something tells me he's just going to ignore it as much as possible until a caller brings up his rant/press coverage.