Monday, September 8, 2008


As Mike tries contain his glee at the potential career ending injury to Billy Wagner, he gave us this glimpse into HBO's Entourage.

"I know what Entourage is ok... Don't give me this Entourage. It is not as good the other HBO shows. Secondly the guy who think he is the prettiest thing in the world, he's awful that guy. He thinks he's a pretty boy with the flowing black hair. What's his name Greiner or something like that. I've seen that show. I am not as high on it as you guys are."

There you have it. You should probably stop watching and pick up your JFK bios.


Anonymous said...

Mike Fakecessa does thia a lot.... he makes it "sound like" he doesn't know these people - as in "What's his name Grenier or something like that?".

He KNOWS the name, but wants to portray the image that he doesn't pay that much attention to it so plays a little dumb. Of course, he never does this with any sports-related issue - that's when he knows everything and anything.

But HBO shows, movies and pop starts - he plays dumb. What a fake-ass fatso.

Johnny said...

he is out of his element with the humor here---out of his element.

Peteski said...

Ah the chemistry, ... its magic!

ps. Louie? really? Who calls Piniella "Louie"?

Anonymous said...

Please learn how to pronouce Cassell. Maybe Mad Dog would get it right.

Anonymous said...

the sad thing is, francesspool is right.