Thursday, September 25, 2008


What's it going to be today. Mike going to rant and rave saying the METS HAD TO WIN THAT GAME. Go crazy about anyone saying that they should bring Jerry back next year.. YOU CANNOT BRING HIM BACK AFTER LOSING GAMES THIS WAY. Or is he going to say, you just can't make this stuff up.

How about this, maybe he will say... "Fans, terrible loss for the Mets, i am really amazed at this BUT i have to own up something. I made a really bad statement and I was wrong. I said that there was no way that the Phillies were going to lose to the Braves that it would never ever be possible, and then the Phillies lost to the Braves twice. Boy, I was so wrong. I have been wrong so much lately. Wrong about the Rays, wrong about the Phillies, wrong when I said I would have a co-host or a jingle or a compelling 5 hour radio show. Wrong especially when i said i would drink green tea."

What do you think will happen? Take a shot, write up your Francesa open.


Ryan T. said...

This game of yours would require me to actually listen to Mike's show. Why would I want to do that when I came spend that time more productively like cutting my toenails, or cleaning the crumbs out of my keyboard, or counting the tiles on my bathroom walls....

lt sam weinberg said...

actually you don't have to listen at all. u can make it up. it's a game

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Well for the first time in a three days i ll get to hear Fatso's open and it will go a little something like this..

The Mets blow another opportunity last night to catch the uncatchable Phillies..The division is now over for sure and all they can do now is to hope to win the Wild card. Who came we blame tonight..You guessed it folks the bullpen..Perez gives a solid start and the Mets again can not close the game for one their starters. The Mets blew a 5-1 lead to a team that is just out there going through the motions. But lets give the Mets some credit, they did again fight back to tie the game but last night was not about the Mets bats it was about that dreadful bullpen again..And does not get any easier for the Mets tonight as Harden is on the mound vs Pedro. Harden is only gonna give you five but he ll be good. The Mets will need a gigantic start for Peddie (Pedro Martinez tonight). Martinez is looking like the Glavine of last season and has not given you a quality at all during this stretch run. Peddie needs to give you seven tonight in order for the Mets win this game. Peddie to one the mound tonight, to save the season..Back after this!

It will go a little something along those lines..


Ryan t. said...

Good point, but we would have to listen to see how close we get.

Anyway, Mike is a typical Yankee fan. He gets enjoyment out of the Mets misery (which is fair and the feeling is mutual from Mets fans). But what makes Yankee fans even more arrogant and obnoxious is their claim to not hate the Mets. Their claim to be rooting for the Mets. I'm sure he'll be taking that approach in his open.

"I don't hate them, I want to see them in the playoffs. Sure it's good for radio in the NY market, but personally, I like this team. I want to see them do well"

And then he'll repeat that 6 times, because that's what he does.

And now like I said, I'll have to listen to his show to see if I'm right!

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Im sorry folks, but playing the role of Mike Fatcesa, i didnt do my homework or watch last nights game..just like my pal Mike Francesa. But at least i was not completely wrong!


TheNextBestThing1 said...

With all due respect to Dick Lynch, i will not be listening at the feel free to post anything..