Monday, September 8, 2008


How the mighty have fallen. In the opening two segments of the show Mr Francesa has mentioned the Giants, Jets, Kansas and Nebraska football, almost every NFL football team, along with the Mets and Billy Wagner.
But the team that was almost no hit by the Seattle Mariners, the team in fourth place in the AL East, the team that was just waiting to make it's yearly run and unseat those frauds the Tampa Bay Rays, the team known as the New York Yankees, they have received no mention by Mr Francesa.

How far into the show will we go before Mike mentions the Yankees? 2pm? Prior to the 2:40 flash? How about 3pm when Ed Coleman makes an appearance from one of the only remaining pay phones in New York. If he mentions the Yankees, will Mike also use the word "slipping" to describe the Rays? Will he mention his "bromance" with Bronson Arroyo? Or will he simply ignore them?


41 said...

Agreed. The horrible showing the the 2008 Yankees should be a big topic. Yes, for us Yankee haters, but also because we heard so much about how great the Yankees are going to be this year - starting with their silly manager wearing "27" on his back.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Yea he did not mention them til around 2 30 or so..