Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well, the custody battle for their kids has officially started. Mike and Chris no longer have to fight it out sitting across from each other. They'll do it over the crackling and hissing of the radio and satellite waves. Their listeners are up for grabs. Anyone who reads the comments on this blog knows who's going to win this battle. But there is a whole nation out there that has to decide if they want a ferocious puppy yelling at them everyday.

Here is a good article covering Russo's maiden show yesterday from Richard Sandomir of the NY Times:


I'm not saying that Sandomir was reading our blog, but he did use a couple of things that we wrote about yesterday. (See 'preen' and 'Darth Varder'. Albeit, I got the 'Daeth' part wrong of the 'Darth Varder'.)


Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

Bottom Line......Who is going to address the "New York" hot issues, the issues that we have always tuned in for their take, the issues that WE want to hear & talk about. We have no choice, but to keep it on WFAN.

Anonymous said...

"He has 46 minutes an hour to fill; no longer will his time be frittered away on traffic, weather, too many commercials or all those updates, which cut his hourly load at WFAN to 33 or 34 minutes"

that being said, i don't think i can ever stomach paying for radio

Anonymous said...

Hochuli added to the "stink list"?
the "mispronounced name list"?