Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Mike and Chris have always been fans of the term 'big spot'. Mike has been talking about it again today. We wanted broaden the reach outside the world of sports to look at people who have or haven't come up in a big spot:

Jesus: Huge. Crucifixion, resurrection, the whole bit. Name one person who came up bigger in a big spot.
Britney: It will be interesting to see after her embarrassing appearance at the 2007 MTV VMA Awards, if she can bounce back and come up in a big spot at this year's awards. She's got a little karma going.
General Custer: Obviously we can't trust him in a big spot anymore.
Spanish Armada: I am very down on them. They were like the 90's Texas Rangers. Great in the regular season and chokers in the playoffs.
Jack Bauer: Agent Bauer probably rivals Jesus as far as trusting someone in a big spot.
Pie-Oh-My: This horse came up big for Ralphie and Tony twice. Mike definitely trusts Pie-Oh-My in a big spot and will key her in trifecta regularly.
John Holmes: Alllllways good in a big spot.
Ghostbusters: Who you gonna call?
Spuds McKenzie: Do I really need to explain this one?
Lt. Jo Galloway: We were all a little worried about her in a big spot after she 'strenuously objected' to Commander Stone's testimony. But she came up big after she shut down Jack Ross with 'rebuttal witness, your honor, called specifically to refute testimony offered under direct examination.' Lt. Sam Weinberg gave her a knowing nod after that clutch moment.
Charlie Brown: Get it together man. Kick it one time, please.


Loki said...

You forgot to mention "Loki" you meat lovers.

gman26 said...

Loki - talk to me when you eat your first taco.

KBilly said...

Loki can usually be trusted in a big spot to make some stupid comment

KBilly said...

I prefer Hockney to Lt. Weinberg:
Really? I live in Queens, did you put that together yourself, Einstein? Got a team of monkeys working around the clock on this?

gman26 said...

There you go Loki. You made it. As voted by your peers.

An aside - This whole ESPN is the 'Favre network' thing that Francesa keeps on saying, is getting old fast. Between ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Classic, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, ESPN 360, ESPN.com, I have a feeling that the percentage of Favre coverage is minimal. Sunday night, after the Tom Brady injury, it became the Brady network. I think you see where I'm going with this.

Gene said...

Additional memo to Chas. Brown: There is no disgrace in giving up a hit, but try and stop them from undressing you every time to do it.

That is a taaaaaaaaaaaarible job.

KBilly said...

But Loki, scoring taco, he's just spotty. I mean, he just doesn't have that clutch gene. Jeter's got it, Brady's got it. Loki just can't be trusted in the clutch. When its 3:00 am and all the girls are drunk and looking, LOOKING to be taken home, Loki just doesn't get the job done. He's like the Giants defense, before last year of course. We'll be back

First Time, Long Time said...

Kbilly...Very good point. That's an excellent point Kbilly.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

This all funny stuff...

TheNextBestThing1 said...

One person that always came through in the spot and one that needs to come through in a big spot..

Micheal Jordan: Always came through

Barack Obama: Definitely needs to come up big this stretch run..

KBilly said...

I mean Brady's got it. Look at the resume, Giselle, Bun..what's her name Sal? Bund-chin? Yea, That's scoring in the clutch. He's got a baby with an actress, although I haven't seen anything she's been in. Has she been in anything I've seen? Never heard of it. S.W.A.T.? Who else was in that? Oh, him. I might have seen that. Now Jeter, he's a hall of famer too. Loki doesn't even play in the same sport. Can we stop talking about this Loki kid now? Let's see him do something first. Talk to me after Spring Break.

KBilly said...

And whenever John Holmes got up, he would make the spot he was in even BIGGER!

Gene said...

Guys, check out my new site machinepicks.com and please give me your feedback. I am trying to establish a site and I know you guys will be constructive.

On the other site, I would just get a handwave. Would appreciate your thoughts. Trying to get a little

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However, I promise to try and be a good contributor here and hope to be able to submit a post someday to be put in the main blog.

KBilly said...

Gene, what was your recod in the NFL games for week 1? Post your previous week's picks.

lt sam weinberg said...

Donna Martin was huge in a big spot when they almost didn't allow her to graduate from West Beverly. Moses seemed to come through pretty often in a big spot especially with the Egyptians. Alton is money in a big spot on the Real World Road Rules challenge. He's the best athlete since Jesse Owens.

inthecrease said...

Miracle on 34th St. USPS came up in a big spot and proved Santa Claus is real.

Gene said...

No NFL for me boys. I can't win at it. I only bet college and I only bet semi-obscure teams. On those games, the market is not efficient and I think there is a real chance to win. You notice that I did not pick USC vs. OSU.

I am a stock trader and I look for market inefficiencies. I don't write that, but that is what I do.

I admit that I am not smart enought to pick the NFL. Too few teams and information is available to all.

I was 4-1 first week of college. Tread lightly on these picks and let me prove myself. All I know is that I do not bet pro anymore, I only bet college. I may not be right every time, but with a little research the odds are much better in our favor.

THere is a real talent difference in these games AND if you bet in the right place you can get some unbelivable spreads. For example, lets say you have a booky in south bend, IN. they are going to run that spread on the Irish to a humongous amount. YOu can mame money going against that.

I went to the university of kentucky undergrad and every game they had the cats as 25 plus points favorites. it wasn't because the cats were that goood, it was because no one in that town would bet against them.

you dont get that opportunity in the pros. However, there is a lesson there. If you live around some rabid fans, ALWAYS BET AGAINST THAT SCHOOL AS THE LOCAL YOKELS WILL BET THE SPREAD INTO OBLIVION.

I don't know how much that is possible in tne NYC area, but in the south it is a total gold mine.

Come on over to my site, read it and see what you think. We will not win every time and we will have some bad weeks, but I have not lost at college football in the last ten years.

I can't prove that, but hopefully I have earned some integrity by saying my best approach to picking a pro game is flipping a coin and I have lost at that over the same period.

I would not give my pro picks out because they are worthless, but stick with me on the college and we will win.

I hope you all appreciate the honesty. I can't pick pros, but I can college. ANd even on college, I will not win every game. I don't want to false advertise, but really study college and am almost always a winner.

Hope you guys join in with me. I know NYC does not love college football, but I am positive that is the place to make money with or without me.

Gene said...


for those that do not know what we are talking about. If I come through, please post it on mikefrancesa.com. Please don't beet anything this week. YOu have no reason to trust me and I like you guys. However, I know college football and basketball.

If nothing else, I try to put a few funny lines into the picks. Just consider it entertainment.

lt sam weinberg said...

gene, i think you officially posted the longest comment ever on this site. I watched entire Roots miniseries while reading it. congratulations. i think that you should use your winnings to buy us sirus so we can listen to Mad Dog radio.

Gene said...

sorry for the blabbermouthing. I sounded like Mike F. describing why one of his horses lost.

I will be more pithy in the future, but thought the denizens deserved an honest answer.

KBilly said...

Dog on Stern right now.

KBilly said...

Doggie admits to betting $25,000 on a single sporting event.

gman26 said...

Gene - I disagree with all 3 picks this week. I am currently filling out paperwork to sell my boat so I can pick against your recommendations.

Gene said...

Well, that's what makes it all interesting. Good luck to you.

Is you boat worth more or less than$25k? I need to know if you are as big of a whale as Russo.