Monday, September 8, 2008


If you had 4:19 in the "when will Mike mention the Yankees pool" then you win something. If you actually had a pool for that then you might want to get help or congratulate yourself. Either way, great job out of whoever you are.

Mike also christened this final month for the Yankees with a name: THE SILENT SEPTEMBER. It sounds like a movie title.

SILENT SEPTEMBER: Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez play mutes in this sequel to Children of a Lesser God, which tells the story of two high priced New York Yankees baseball players who are unable to express their screams of agony as the constantly hit into double plays.


TheNextBestThing1 said...

I heard him mention the Yanks for about a minute around 2 18 right before the 2:20 update..

Said the not going to discuss the Yanks as they lost two of the Mariners..

lt sam weinberg said...

you got me. Let's just forget that one and go with 4:19.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

No problem man, just continue to keep doing the great job that your are doing?

cranky yankee said...

Michael Kay is right; the 2008 Yankees are gutless and heartless. They're not quite out of it but are playing as though they are. And I'm a Yankee fan.

Abd please, no rhetoric about the Mets being gutsy and determined. They are the same as the Yankees, a collection of free agents, but they simply haven't become complacent like the Yankees because they've had no success.

cranky yankee said...

Abd = And