Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Nope not the fact that financial instutions are going under, but the Mets, the New York Mets are the cause of the Panic of 2008. This is the follow up to the horror film, the Panic of 2007. A few returning stars, some new ones, Jerry Manuel in for Willie Randolph brings a little bit more humor to the part as opposed to Willie's method approach...

The score as i type this is 1-0 Cubs and according to Mike Francesa, if the Mets lose tonight, PANIC will set in on the Mets, on their fans, on the city, maybe even in the bunker in Astoria from where he broadcasts.

And do not bother to scoreboard watch by the way because the Phils, according to Mike will not lose again. Of this he is certain.

We do have a fair share of Mets fans tonight, so if ya wanna panic, you might as well do it with strangers with fake names. So sit down at the couch, ignore your wife, your girlfriend, your dog, your cat, your Nintendo Wii, the upcoming election, the state of the nation, the state of yourself, ignore it all and simply watch the game and share with your friends here at Mike and the Mad Blog as the Mets 2008 season hangs on the cliff.


Anonymous said...

Mets are down 2-0.
Phils/Braves tied at 1
Yankees are winning
No score in the Red sox game
Brewers game soon to start!

As a Met fan this is unbelievable yet somewhat expected.

I've actually spent the past few days waiting for the Yanks to be officially eliminated and the way things are going we might actually see the Yanks have a shot heading into this weekend.

What an absolute nightmare this can turn out to be for us Met fans!!! The Yankee fans will break their silent September and be relentless and untolerable!

Now back to the nightmare(I mean games)LOL!


KBilly said...

2-0 Cubbies now. Louie han't called off the dogs.

KBilly said...

Also, you guys need a copy editor, there are dangling participles all over this post.

KBilly said...

maybe even in the bunker in Astoria where he broadcasts from.
Should read:
maybe even in the bunker in Astoria from which he broadcasts.
This he is certain of.
Should read:
Of this he is certain.

lt sam weinberg said...

kbilly, thank you for the help. i am here to provide blog content and you are here to make sure my participles don't dangle. we all have our roles.
Don't look now, two on and 1 out and maybe a little good karma

KBilly said...

It is just that if you dangle your participle, Loki might start frothing at the mouth.

KBilly said...

David Wright just came through in a Big Spot.

Anonymous said...


I don't think I can handle another day of Mike bashing the Mets and their fans. I need at least a 1 day break from his arrogance.

If things go well for the Yanks tonight Mike may wake up and realize that his team is'nt eliminated yet and their are other things in NY sports to talk about.


onefanLG said...

big spot.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT!!!! I repeat--- DO NOT!!!!

GO TO THE BULLPEN tonight!!!!

Let the beer vendor pitch if needed(lol).


wtsherman said...

Boston clinches; Yankees officially eliminated. Silent September, Silent September. Red Rum, Red Rum. Silent September.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

To all the people who will have the unfortunate opportunity of tuning into "Hyped Up", Fatcesa on the Fan here is what is mike gonna talk about tomorrow..I bet i can guess and you probably can as well.

You will hear about Johan Santana and this why you spend the money, he is a stopper, he is an Ace, he the best second half pitcher of all time, when you need a big game he gives you one, although he was not there to help the Willie Randolph mets from collapsing and lets be fair to Willie, Johan is the reason the Mets have not collapsed and probably wont.

You will also hear how the Yanks dropped the ball on this one, Zero wins from Hughes and Kennedy. Should of spent the money then the Yanks would not have a quiet September . Another mention of Manny and Torre going to the postseason. And for all you Met fans who wanted Omar out, this why Omar got an extension because he spends the money. So to conclude this depiction of how "Hyped Up", Fatcesa on the Fan will, I say to guys enjoy the Johan tribute tomorrow as i have pretty much summed up the show for you in ten minutes but enjoy listening for five and a half as i sit through this seminar for the last day..Thank you all and have a nice day..


This thread should get me some HOF, considerations..lol

wtsherman said...


If things get really bad w/ Fatcesa tomorrow, maybe you can do a few segments for us on how the seminar is going!?!