Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Mike was just talking about Brian Cashman and some of the bad pitching moves he has made recently:

"Okay, they went and got Marte. I'll give you that...But if you go back over the last 5 years and you start to bring in the pitchers...and forget Pavano because we all would have brought him in. But if you go and think about some of the moves that he's brought in from bringing in Wright and bringing in Kevin Brown and bringing in Weaver, and you go down the line and all these guys that...Hawkins, all these guys that's he brought in, he's brought in a lot of lousy pitchers over the last 5 years. A lot."

But the thing that Mike tries to bury here is the line "Forget Pavano because we all would have brought him in." That is a classic case of Francesa being dismissive about something that HE was wrong about. Now I am not arguing that it was a bad decision to bring in Pavano, but I am pointing out that whenever something that Mike is a proponent of backfires, he always finds a way to duck the heat. And he does it in a subtle way like this. Earlier today, talking about the Vikings/Colts game this coming weekend, Mike said that the Colts were a bad matchup for Minnesota because of the Vikings pass defense. Now come Monday morning if that prediction doesn't hold true, Mike will find a way to escape that proclamation. I can just hear it now "Now listen Minnesota shut down Peyton Manning, but we all thought that was a bad matchup for the Vikings secondary..."

Yep Mike, WE ALL have the same thoughts as you when you're wrong about something. But when you're right, it's all you Mikey.


TheNextBestThing1 said...

Yayyy!!!! Another Jon Heyman spot.

Peteski said...

Is he still talking about the Presidential polls? I hit the eject button before he got into details.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

This spot is riveting..

wtsherman said...

Plug and Play instance of Mike's arrogance/asperity in this vapid Heyman spot:

Heyman mentions Delgado, Pujols, and Sabbathia as worthy MVPs. Mike, with alacrity, mentions Pujols is the favorite with the "stat folks" (I wonder if he conflates "the stat guys" in his mind, with the "assholes over at MMB and FatCesa.Com" ?)...this presumably demonstrates his awareness of the MVP race - that he is astute enough to mention the default best, perennial MVP favorite. Problem is he stumbles over the pronounciation of Albert's name, saying something like 'Powjauls'.

Next, he doesn't know or refuses to identify "OPS" as the basic criteria for said "stat guys" on the "internet". His ignorance or stubborness on this score then leads him to periphrastically summarize the "stat guys" criteria as "the whole range of stats, the whole total stats...."

Finally, he dismisses Pujols' legitimacy with a figurative handwave, incorrectly stating that the Cardinals have been out of contention "for two months!" This is palpably untrue. When Heyman stands up to Mike's hectoring, Mike sorta stands down on the point....sorta.


"We're Back"...god i hate that

wtsherman said...

The funny thing about that Heyman/Powjauls spot is that Heyman realized it was useless to reason with Fatcesa.

So, he just said he thought Pujols was gonna win just to get it on record and not have to argue with Mike any more.


"Fatcesa and Heyman on Diet" (A Hypothetical Vignette)

F: I love Diet Coke.
H: You sure do Mike.
F: I loooove Diet Coke.
H: Yeah, you always drink it.
F: Diet Coke is good for you.
H: Well, I don't know if it's good for you Mike. Some people have argued that artificial sweetners might cause cancer.
F: The idea that Diet Coke is NOT the best-selling soft drink in America...
H: Well that's true Mike, it probably is. I don't have the numbers....But we're arguing healthiness, I thought.
F: Get the numbers on that....(then guesses the sales figures as if they were Nielsen ratings)...See, like I said, the idea that Diet Coke is not....
H: I'm just saying, well it TASTES good and at least it doesn't take up any calories...


wtsherman said...

The next line in that scene would be for Mike, flexing his truimphant "with-it" urbanity, to transition smoothly into "winningly" mocking Heyman:

"I mean Diet Coke is an INST-TIT-TUTION, John! What are you drinking, Tang? You drinking Hi-C? I mean..."

TheNextBestThing1 said...

AL MVP: Pedrioa/Miguel Cabrera
NL MVP: Howard

gabagool said...

And he was dead wrong about another pitcher.

When the Yanks were gonna get Weaver from Detroit, other teams and the media were CRYING how the Yanks could get one of the best young pitchers in baseball for NO ONE.

Didn't turn out that way.

And while Kevin Brown was ALWAYS deemed to be ornary, he had just come off leading the league in era the year before, around 2.35. I didn't hear much complaining about him either. Again, not so good.

gman26 said...

Gaba, good to see you back. You'd fallen off the grid like Jason Bourne.

bigjf said...

AL MVP: Morneau (he deserves it this time)

NL MVP: I still say Sabathia

TheNextBestThing1 said...

How Morneau and not Mauer: if anybody from the twins..

wtsherman said...

AL MVP: I can see Morneau/Mauer or Youk/Pedroia - the next three weeks will matter.

NL MVP: Only 1 guy is within 100OPS pts of Pujols, and only 5 players are within 200 OPS pts!

(Sabbathia HAS been amazing)