Friday, September 26, 2008


Ok, i just listened to the open to Mike'd Up, Francesa on the Fan. Wait.. MIKE, pick a name, which is it. Are you Mike'd Up or are you Francesa on the Fan? Is it because you have all those number 1 shows that this show needs two names? PICK A NAME, PLEASE. Maybe the jingle company is having trouble because it's hard to do a jingle for a show that has two f**ing names!!!

Back to the open, did you know that the Mets lost last night? WHAT, you say, the Mets didn't lose, they hung in there and once again after a devastating loss someone won a game that you thought they were certain to lose. Mike decided to not feature any of the positive parts of the Mets win and instead focused on bad baserunning and a failed bunt. Were these storylines? Of course. Are they the only thing worth talking about? Absolutely not. If the pinstripe team from the Bronx went through this we would hear about karma and mystique, but it's the Mets so we hear only about mistakes. THEY WON THE GAME. THEY WON THE GAME. They are tied for the wild card and one game out. That's pretty good considering this is a team that fired their manager mid season, lost their closer, has blown 1700 saves. Usually a team like that is packing their bags for the winter, but the METS ARE STILL IN IT. Give it a rest Mike

Next, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH MIKE AND THE PHILLIES? Did I miss something? Let me know, it may have been when i was viewing the Real World Road Rules Challenge, but are the Phillies some combination of the 27 Yankees, the 1998 Yankees, Bill Russell Celtics, John Wooden's Bruins? Just tell me, I could have missed it. If not, why the hell does Mike seem to believe that this team will never lose? He has yet to own up to the fact that the Phillies lost two of three to the Braves who he said Philly would kill. He now guarantees that Philly will take care of business against the Nationals. YES, the Nationals are bad. But they still play the games, Mike. They actually play them. On a field. With people. With bats and balls and gloves. It's really fun. They've made some cool movies that show it happening. MIKE, YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY. THE PHILLIES MIGHT LOSE SOME GAMES HERE. THEY ARE ACTUALLY PLAYING NOT GREAT BASEBALL. GIVE IT A REST.

Finally.. 10 FT, 15FT, 30FT.. What are these? According to Mike, Ryan Church was out by all of these lengths for the play at the plate in last nights game. First it was 30ft, then it was 15ft, then it was 10. WHICH IS IT? You might be saying, LT WEINBERG, why does that bother you so much? IT JUST DOES. THE DUDE JUST ISN'T CLOSE SOMETIMES. And if any of you fans described things the way he does you would get hand waved into the abyss.



Anonymous said...

Fatso made a fool of himself when he was screaming that Reyes stopped running. He didn't stop running he just loked over his shoulder.

Does Fatso actually think he is making his points by screaming and taking long pauses? He sounds and looks like an idiot.

B-Rad said...

Beat that dead horse Mike. He ends the first hour talking about the same bad base running and bunt, and goes into an almost Russo-ian rant about the bunt situation. Anybody else notice that Mike has had a few of these mini-blowups lately? Mike was never one to get worked up and now he's almost screaming about the Mets, could he be trying to make up for a lack of co-host by injecting a little emotion into the show? Hmmmm

Johnny said...

Mike is right....the Mets win in spite of themselves. What Daniel Murphy tried to do (bunt) was a travesty. Even Gary, Keith, and Ronnie were in agreement. If the guy can't bunt, he can't bunt. Reyes should have stolen second or at least a hit-and-run should have been in place.

The Mets played the Iowa Cubs last night, and even though the Iowa Cubs made the PCL playoffs this year, the Mets should be able to beat the Iowa Cubs.

Mike is right. The Mets are not surging right now, they are struggling to win. They will have the hands quite full against the Marlins---the team that ruined their season last year.

Mike is on fire today---finally.

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

He has changed his style. It seems some of his annoying habits are getting worse. These things like "Cubbies", "Louie" a "Deuce", instead of "two" are driving me nuts. His proclamations, then not owning up to them seem more pronounced. and on and on. This shows IS in serious trouble but where do we go????????

Whatdoyouhave? said...

I agree with Sammy (Lt Weinberg in Mike speak) - the Mets had a HA-YUGE win last night, especially after that horrible loss Wed night. That was the opening - not about a few gaffs they made en route to the win. If that was the Yanks Mike would be celebrating their "will to win" and how they "found a way to win" not picking on their mistakes. Of course that was ponderous what went on in the 9th inning with Reyes and then with Murphy, but that is secondary to the Mets winning.

He definitely is getting more worked up and trying to use all these nicknames and stuff as way to add "personality" to the program - which has been lacking since the breakup. That's b/c Mike has no personality, he's too smart for those gimmicks. now he feels like he has to do it, maybe for ratings? I don't know

Anonymous said...

This blog sucks.

pip said...

I'm a Yankee fan who is jealous of the Mets but doesn't give a rat's ass whether they make the playoffs. Mike is making a total fool of himself by spewing his obvious hatred of the Mets, especially considering how he kisses Jerry Manuel's butt every week.

lt sam weinberg said...

anonymous, thank you for your kind words of dislike of our blog. keep coming back

Johnny said...