Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We wanted to bring you in on a little game we play here at Mike and the Mad Blog. It's fun, so here we go. It's time to play

All you need to do is guess the salaries of these select WFAN employees. We know, after his rant that Francesa makes somewhere between $1 and Bill Gates money. But what about these folks?

John Minko: guessing his salary has always been tricky. He does very little but they have to pay him, unless this has been the longest internship in the history of the intern program. But how much? 60,000? 100,000? Free hair club consultations?

Eddie Erickson: We know he gets a tip from Mike when they finish first which happens all the time because Mike is the only person with 3 number 1 shows on the air, but before the tip, how much does E2 make?

Sal Lacatta: This guy answers the phone. I'm not certain what else he does. From what i'm told telemarketers don't make a ton of cash and they actually dial numbers. How much does someone who just answers calls make? It's a pretty specialized skill, so maybe he's like a lefty reliever and makes good dollars.

Ok, get in the game. It's fun. It's like Deal or No Deal without the hot models.


TheNextBestThing1 said...

Well Fatcesa makes probably makes
2.5 million..

Minko all together probably makes: 55,000 from Army football, updates, and some Nets radio games..

Sal Lacatta: 45, 000

KBilly said...

Screw that. I want to know how much Steve Sommers makes for showing up after Mike, watching the Mets game and hosting maybe an hour after the Mets game. Every now and then they need him in a pinch if it rains, but for the most part the guy is only on air for an hour, less if the game goes long.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Well being that i was in this orientation since 9 AM i was dying to hear some radio..For me to come home and listen to the tank for 2 hours i almost wish i was, still there..This has been terrible radio cant wait til first check subscribing to Sirius..

Anonymous said...

Sal Licata does not answer the phones. Ed Erickson does. Licata runs the commercials. Erickson is the producer and answers the phone.