Friday, September 26, 2008


Yes, the loss tonight by the Mets was bad and if things continue to move this way the Mets are going to have several decisions to make and one of the big ones will be about Jerry Manuel. Do the Mets bring him back or bring in someone else.

By this point we all know the Mike'd Up Manual on Manuel (yes, i do feel extraordinarily clever with that one). If the Mets make the playoffs, Mike would bring Jerry back, who by the way he is rooting for as he has told us over and over. No playoffs, no Jerry Fun Times.

On page one of the Mike'd Up Manual on Manuel is that if Willie got fired, then Jerry can't stay. This theory goes like this, Willie didn't have the luxury of a motivated Carlos Delgado or Jose Reyes, which Jerry got. Jerry though has spent a lot of his time without a closer and still found a way to win.
The other big theory from Professor Francesa is that the Mets need a fresh start for the new stadium and cannot bring in someone connected to the collapse. But if you go with that then half the team wouldn't be able to step onto Citi Field.

I think Manuel doesn't make the best decisions sometimes, but it seems like he has the right personality for New York and that the issue here after two managers and two seasons of failure and collapse fall more on the core players who make up this team. I think that the Mets may have found their manager but might need to alter the players. Or adjust the man who put the players together...

Oh, wait they can't do that, they just gave him a four year extension. Let me check the manual to see the reasons behind that.

What do you think? You go along with the Manual on Manuel theories or you have a different point of view?


KBilly said...

Um, no playoffs...No Jerry. If you shelled out the measley $13 a month for Dog you would know this. Mike knows nada. He has to pretend to be a Jerry and Omar booster so them keep coming on his show.

gman26 said...

sammy - you haven't been listening to Christuhpuh. He said the Mets can't stomach firing two managers in one year. So Jerry stays.

Having said that, something is rotten in Queens.

gman26 said...

Apparently, there was some sort of presidential debate tonight.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

The MVP of the league has done it again..Big Ryan Howard goes yard for the 48th time, his big fly propelled the Phils to a game lead with two to play in the NL East..And thanks to the beloved Marlins you guys Mets have fell out of the playoffs. If this is the Mets we are used to seeing then they ll win tomorrow in the bottom of the 9th..

But as far Hyped up Manuel on Manuel, you are missing one huge point in your argument that i mentioned a few days ago and that is Willie did not have the best pitcher in baseball last year to throw out every fifth day..

"The Brewers will sweep and the Mets have to sweep." said Mike Francesa. Out that goes..

I hope you guys will be around tomorrow to blog the NL East playoff races cuz i finally have a day off, i need something to do up until i can get annihilated..


gman26 said...

nbt - why do you repeat your posts? we read them all.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Yea does anyone have any comments on the debate i missed the entire thing, but from the headlines i ve seen (, there was no clear winner! Looks like i ll be watching the Daily show tonight..

TheNextBestThing1 said...

I dont know why i did it that time..i kinda just wanted to emphasize the Mets not being in the playoffs as of this moment..

gman26 said...

Understood- NBT. The Mets are great fodder for Mike and Chris. they deserve it. This is bordering on the Saberhagen bleach incident. Embarassing. but let's wait til Sunday bout 5.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Im not counting them out at all...I really like some of the Met players, i just hate how they treated Willie and i hate how no one thinks David Wright is overrated..those are my only qualms with the Mets.

BTW, is there any other NL team gonna have a player thats gonna win the MVP..


TheNextBestThing1 said...

I think in honor of Hyped Up, Fatcesa on the Fan..i think we at this blog should start our own survivor b/c that is the premise of his show..

If u wanna join everyone post a pick by Sunday noon ET..


Rock said...


I knew FL would take it to the NY pussy mets.


wtsherman said...

NBT said:

"The MVP of the league has done it again..."

Yes, after a rough stretch, Pujols broke out, hitting in the last three(!) games 8-9 w/ 5 R, 2B, 2 HR, 8 RBI, 4 BB and a couple of defensive plays the likes of which Ryan Howard or Delgado have only seen on the Web Gem portion of SportsCenter.

Before tonight, Ryan Howard's OPS+ was 121. Pujols' was 186.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Ryan Howard is hands down the MVP...Its not just about the numbers but 48 and 150 doesnt hurt..Look at the numerous amount of big hits and homers this guy has hit during the time from the when Phils trailed the Mets by four games w/ 17 to play and not only has there been a six game turnaround over that time but every time you look up howard is in the middle of Philly comeback..I know he has a low average and whatever but be fair my friend..


wtsherman said...


I will be fair to you, and I know you're a good guy.

Pujols' has 4 months with a better Batting Average than Howard's best month (September). He has more Total Bases than Howard does this year in about 85 fewer at-bats. He leads the Majors in Times on Base. He has more extra base hits. He's hitting more than 100 pts higher in BA and his OPB is 120 pts higher. He's slugging more than one hundred pts higher. How bout Batting Avg. with RISP: Pujols .333 vs. Howard .312?

No offense, NBT, but it IS kinda about the numbers, unless you have a more philosophical notion of MVP. Your dude makes a lot of outs and sucks in the field. Pujols is the best hitter in the Majors and is the best first baseman with the glove. Put Pujols on the 08 Phils and the division is buried ten days ago. Plug Pujols into the last three days (with the stats I mentioned) into the Phils' lineup and they don't fare worse! Why was Pujols intentionally walked 33 percent more this year?


wtsherman said...


Not to diminish how good Howard has been recently - he's been awesome - but let's look at OPS by month (ESPN numbers, which are a day or three behind, which benefits both candidates, as they have both done well in that span).


645, 934, 726, 978, 791, 1267


1117, 1160, 1002, 997, 1236, 1023

That's where your clutchness is, and where your value is.

red said...

Rock -- did you ever watch "The Wire"? A character once said: "Don't dance on a man's grave until you're sure the motherfucker is dead."

And no, I'm not a Mets fan.

WTSherman said...

Hey FTLTGM26LSWgelina,

I know you guys are to the weekend what Fatcesa is to the summer but...

How bout a little special interest, background feature where you fill in some details for the more fervent among us, your fans?

Possible questions could include:

What are your rooting loyalites?
How/Why did this blog materialize?
Your seminal M&MD listen?
A little personal bio - how do you manage the continual of you mentioned you guys had both jobs AND families?!? (I'm guilty of neither, lol).
Your attitude/affection toward the irreplaceable Loki?
Your strategy toward player-haters, i.e. upstart Anon?
The direction of the blog?
Do you guys play Fantasy Football?
If you had 10 desert island mpegs, would 10th Ave. Freeze Out be among them? etc....

(I say thank you for, largely, no politics and thank you for deleting offensive comments as they come.)

I think a lot of us would enjoy this type of thing, as we've read a ton of your guys' words and come back time and again.


wtsherman said...

Having never had my own blog, I'm personally interested in the politics of it all. Who has the reigns amongst your triumvirate? Are you guys big enough to have money at play with this thing? Is that why you're always wanting us to contribute, for more page clicks?

Rest assured, at least with me, that I'll click and contribute regardless. Just genuine questions I have for a source I genuinely enjoy and patronize.

First Time, Long Time said...

It's Tony Bernazard's fault.

lt sam weinberg said...

wtsherman, we will in the coming weeks attempt to answer some of these inquires of yours.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

I think all fair questions by Wtsherman..hey you have when it comes to numbers when you argue Pujols vs Howard. If you go back into the archives i think we had this question around the last week of August when the Cards were in contention. I was the only on this blog that Pujols pegged as NL MVP where several said it was Delgado. But you did say one thing, what Howard has done in Sept, and i hate to say it that's the month when the MVP is won. A precedent has been set over the last few years. Pujols has the numbers but not the success. Pujols has been walked intentionally 33 times b/c they have LaRussa hitting behind him as opposed to Pat Burrell. But i respect your opinion/argument but Howard gets his second MVP, although Pujols has been better for 5 months.

PS..A fantasy football/ or baseball league would be great for our most consistent commentators.