Tuesday, September 16, 2008


As many of you wrote in your comments, the Mike Francesa reaction to Raissman and all those who speak ill of him in the world caused a rash of "we love you Mike calls." What didn't happen was a little self reflection by Mike, a little bit of wondering, could my show be really boring without any guests and me repeating the same things over and over again? Could the fact that I have been back several weeks and still do not have even a new jingle for the show display a lack of focus or urgency to get an improved show on the FAN? Could my arrogance have caused people to want to write negatively about me? Nope.

But it needs to. Mike needs to know that the show that he has put on the air these last few weeks is substandard. Hey, Mike, i don't ever listen to the Sunday NFL show, but the one time I did, it was good. You wanna know why? You actually have guests and it's not just you talking the whole time. (i don't fully get his ridiculous claim about Saturday and Sunday radio ratings, but what can ya do. Do people say it's Saturday we can listen to the radio but on Sunday everyone is America has their radios turned off except for the few people that live in the town where Footlose happened and they just wanna dance and listen to sports radio and thus it's a way tougher rating? Who the F knows.)

Mike needs to know and we need to tell him. So this is a call to action. Tomorrow, pick up your phone, pretend that you are making a work call, while you are on hold have a fake conversation or two, but when you get through let Mike know that the reason he is being criticized is because he deserves it. If Mike came out of the gate with solo shows that were great listens, would we criticize him? OF COURSE. But somewhere we would give him credit. Maybe not me, but someone would. But Mike didn't do that. There was the Bar A travesty, there have been show upon show of unlistenable radio and then there was today.

It's not about what Raissman wrote, it's about what we think. If the voices of those who want to kiss his ass are being heard, just because they falsely believe it will mean a longer call, then the voices of discontent need to be heard to.

I am calling on you NEXTBESTTHING, and you KBILLY, and you FIRSTTIMELONGTIME, all of you who support this blog. You know the numbers, your fingers dialing them without thinking. Dial in tomorrow. Feel free to plug this blog. Express your feelings. Feel free to plug this blog again.

Mike and the Mad Blog: Change You Can Believe In. (like how you believe that the Jets were going to beat the Pats and that a 9th inning Mets lead is secure)

Neil Best transcribed Mike's rant. It can be found here:



KBilly said...

I ain't calling Mike. I am with Doggie 100%. Haven't listened to WFAN fsince Friday at 6:20 pm.

KBilly said...

I will tune in for Giants post game, Couglin's press conference. but this week, the game was on KROK

KBilly said...

Neil Best transcribes Mike's rant:

paulie said...

Son of a bitch! I couldn't find the Giants' game anywhere on the radio on Sunday. The Mets trumping the Giants on the FAN -- this will not stand.

If I hadn't been listening to Mike for so many years, he might have cut a sympathetic figure, but he just came off as a hypocrite. I won't get a chance to call in, but it's a pretty good idea.

KBilly said...

And of Course Mike's Sunday solo show will do better numbers. It is a lead in to Football. People listen on the way home from church or in the shower after waking up late or dirving to Giants Stadium to tailgate before a game. Saturday monrings people go out and do things, take the kids to the little league game, or go for a run. But Raisman probably should have used the numbers in his story.

CARL said...

Mike you self serving, egotistical SLOB......How laughable was this twenty minute tirade about the presses misinterpretation of your character....I think you should look yourself in the mirror and realize your ego has finally done you in....Your show only worked when dog was around because he was the only one allowed to disagree with you....and when it was the fans you treated them as idiots and let them know it with your condescending and arrogant utterances.....

your tirade today to let the world know how much money you make and how well your shows have done is a snapshot of your character

lets see in 3-4 mos what your ratings are....because all of the new york fans I know have dumped you.....(i had to go online to read your transcript....almost wished i heard it for a laugh)

Wait till espn puts someone on in your timeslot worthy of listening too....for now I have satellite and will listen to dog because he at least has some humility

good bye Mike and hopefully months from now your ego gets in check.....
Wake up reality is about to slap you in the face

Rock said...


Mike say, "Not one person in the media has asked me my opinion or asked for an interview on everything that has happened with this show (with russo)."


This really blows me away. He just doesn't get it.
He's a lost soul at this point feeling sorry for himself.

Well Mike, you have nobody to blame but yourself.
Take a good look in the mirror. And I hope you don't raise your kids to be like you.

Rock said...


Mike says, "I have the three highest rated sports shows in NYC. The NFL Now, Mike'd up, and my WFAN show."

Ok let's slow down here and get over ourselves.

Papa Smurf could host his own show about the NFL and get good ratings! The NFL is the most popular sport in america. Mike just got lucky to fill that time slot! Anybody who hosted that show would get good ratings. IT'S ABOUT THE TIME SLOT!
And he said Dog's show on Sat. never drew big #'s. That's because Dog just had a regular spot. He wasn't doing an NFL show. Mike doesn't get it. The NFL is making that a huge # not him.

And as far as his NBC sunday night show....IT'S A 15 MINUTE SHOW! 15 MINUTES ONCE A WEEK!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!


And we all know that Russo had a huge part in making the Mike and the Mad Dog show #1.

All Mike did was make more enemies and piss off more people with his little rant today.

KBilly said...

Where is Gene Michael's Sports Machine when you need it to shut Mike up? That show rocked in the 90's...I have never seen the Mike'd up TV show.

KBilly said...

And for the record, I have never and will never call into a radio show. I know Mike's number is something 6666, but I wouldn't call him if there was a gun to my head. I do enjoy this blog however.

wtsherman said...

This blog is the sh#t!

I won't get into the epic Mike passive-aggressive, I'm so hurt, I'm a lion defending my family, I'm inveterately bumptious, part of today....

The reason I don't wanna get too deep into this is....it's ugly. All this bs is sad and ugly. I don't want fatc*sa to fail and I don't want it to be this bad. I love the jocularity and tendentious ridicule that this blog is famous for - believe me I love and won't be turned away from it, its like McDonalds - but I have no real interest in seeing the obvious demise of (an obese guy) anyone I've listened to and enjoyed for a long stretch of my life. It's all good, but this is getting scary.

wtsherman said...

Because what I just wrote might not be very clear, my point is that the status quo of "Mike'd Up" is low-grade. That's the sole salient fact and, sadly, its undisputed.

inthecrease said...

Is WTSHERMAN secretly Dennis Miller?

gman26 said...

wtsherman - Are you Col. Markinson?

TheNextBestThing1 said...

I don't think Mike realizes that he had a head start on Dog by almost three weeks..He had a chance to keep our eyes and ears tuned into to his show, but he does not realize that he was so bad and so lazy during the month that Dog was not during radio that he ruined any chance of us staying. All he did was drive us to Sirius on that "train thats leaving the station" w/ his awful performance. ...If he loved the audience so much he would not have taken us for granted by putting such a poor product on the airwaves. Dog w/ Stern was great for Dog he let us into his life like Mike would never do and i appreciate that as a listener...Just try to picture Mike after Stern would ask him about masturbation. Howard this is garbage i dont have to answer that..Stern why Mike cuz u need mapquest to find ur penis..

And to be fair..that sometimes douche bag Mike from Montclair, called Mike brought up the fact that Mike's success on sunday was a product of the time slot and Dog's was not thus explaining the disparity in the ratings. Mike countered by saying just believe me its true Sundays are tougher to get ratings w/ no factual evidence. This was all after Mike from Mont. opened his call by kissing Mike's ass..