Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I love it when regular Joe sports people start talking in coach terms. And if love means that i despise it to no end, then i mean love. Like someone like the Sports Guy when he writes about "bigs" to describe NBA forwards. Our pal, Mike Francesa really enjoys doing this. I have definitely heard him on occassion use the term "bigs," but when it gets to NFL time, boy does he love doing this. I guess it's his way of showing us how much he knows because not only does he have sleepovers with Bill Parcells but he can talk like him as well.

Today in discussing the Jets, we learned a new term. What would be great is if the FAN could handle these moments like Seasame Street and have puppets of Sal and Eddie and Minko and they could pop up where Chris used to sit and say:

Today's NFL term is "late middle." And then the Sal puppet and the Eddie puppet would be dressed in puppet football clothing and they would act out what "late middle" is and you would see the Eddie puppet as the quarterback throwing the ball "late middle" to the Sal puppet and the Sal puppet getting crushed by a Minko linebacker puppet because the ball was thrown "late middle."
If they did that and only if they did that, i could deal with this kind of talk. Honestly do we need a shortcut to saying "late over the middle?" Are those extra words so difficult to say?

Either use the puppets or talk like a normal human being.

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