Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Doing my regular jog around the world wide web and found that we are not the only folks finding Mike's "trade David Wright" a little crazy. Saw this article on The Big Lead. Check out the collection of words in the parenthetical at the end. Now we can add "laughable" to the list. Buster Olney earlier called anyone who suggested the Mets trade David Wright, "silly." We are waiting anxiously for "idiotic" or "dumb ass."

Stuck in a car today, we took in a lot of sports talk radio. A somewhat spirited regional debate took place: Do the Mets need to break up their core? Can’t deal Beltran or Reyes for position/production reasons, which leaves … the Prince-in-Waiting of NYC, David Wright. They say he’s not clutch (to be more precise, ‘they’ is radio guy Mike Francesa) and has never won anything (because Chase Utley’s 2-for-11 showing in the NLDS last year was something special!). As for the loosely-defined, hard-to-quantify ‘clutch’ label, there’s a massive story on baseball clutchness in USA Today.
If you want to kill yourself, you can swallow a bottle of just about anything; if you want to get dumber, just listen to (most) sports talk radio.
(The mere thought that anyone would consider dealing David Wright is laughable. Because gold glove 3B who are 25 years old, and in their first four seasons bat over .300, averages 29 homers and 114 RBI and are in the Top 10 in the NL in almost every statistical category grow on fucking trees.)

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