Monday, September 15, 2008


So far the new Chris Russo show has been good. But could ya please with all the dog analogies? Mad Dog Unleashed is not the catchiest show title I've ever heard. And do the updates really need to be called 'sports bites'? And they are accompanied by a sound effect of, get this, a dog barking and then chomping. Get it? He's a Mad Dog. On the XM website there is a mention of Mad Dog's 'rabid' fans. Very clever.

This old dog has some new fleas. I'll admit that the pacing and production quality is faster and hipper than WFAN. But that's not saying much. 660 is stuck in a time warp. Despite the pedestrian dog theme, the show itself is doing very well.


KBilly said...

"The most irreverent figure to stand on two feet."
I would have to disagree with that and say that title belongs to the guy 23 stops down the Sirius dial.

Johnny said...

Better than Francesa on the Fan---Miked Up.