Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Lauren from Islip called up and boy did Mike enjoy her call. She is a first time caller, enjoys Mets games and was concerned about John Maine. She wanted to know about how the Mets are going to use him and when he should warm up either on Saturday or save him for the Pedro outing. Mike was charmed. I am not sure if it was just that this was a female voice, an island of estrogen in a testosterone infested ocean, but whatever it was, Mike was loving Lauren and uttered a phrase i don't believe i have ever heard leave his vocal chords.

"You asked excellent questions.."

That was followed by "you made a good point about the Pedro game."

Maybe, all we have to do is call in and say that we are Lauren from Islip and Mikey will give us some respect and say that we have asked excellent questions


KBilly said...

I Slip my Johnsonville Brat into Lauren's taco.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Kbilly very funny comment...But that caller sounded like the woman who works at the Fan i think her name is Lauren Robinson usually on around midnight Sunday..and she loves the Mets..Sound very much like her!!


wtsherman said...

WHWL over time?

People in the tri-state area want to slap Mike's butt cheeks.

Russo thinks this is funny. Russo masturbates.

Mike's heart is not utterly insensitive to the timbre of the fairer sex.

What does this teach us overall? I don't know.