Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yes, the playoff future of the Mets, along with an extended farewell for Shea Stadium, but that is not the only future that hangs in the balance on Sunday. The future of Mike'd Up Francesa on the Fan, the Diet Coke Diva, The Ego and two guys positioning for the 2 AM - 4 AM shift, and any other name of our favorite sports radio show to hate is on the line on this day of rest.

Think about it. The Mets win and Mike actually has some content for the show, moments to analyze, things to fill time that will be of interest, (or at least fodder for ridicule), guests to book (we have EDDIE C for the full FIVE HOURS), and tons of moments to guarantee things to happen that don't happen and never having to say i was wrong.

The Mets and I am not even prepared to envision what follows. How will Mike BY HIMSELF as he is still without not only a jingle (please someone tell me, how hard could it be to come up with a :30 song by now? How could it be taking this long? Please someone explain it to me. Is it the two names? Is it that very little rhymes with Francesa? Does the jingle have to have Diet Coke mentions? Is Mike insisting on the jingle includes horse racing or perhaps the titles of all of his number 1 shows? Is there some secret deal being made and they are creating a super group out of Poison, Color Me Badd and Billy Ray Cyrus but they are still trying to locate all the members of CMB? I get it. The jingle companies don't work in August, but we are almost in October. WRITE AN F***ING SONG ALREADY. Don't even use lyrics. Just go with some Beverly Hills Cop Axel F or that track they used throughout Ferris Bueller. JUST GET US A SONG ALREADY. I REALLY NEED TO WRITE ABOUT HOW BAD IT IS)

I digress. Sorry, the jingle thing gets me crazy. But once again, Mike solo, without a jingle, a partner, and most importantly without anything to talk about except football and awful trade proposals is going to be brutal. He is then going to be forced to fill time talking about non sports stuff like politics, some JFK book, movies (Jeffrey Lyons, please pick up the red courtesy phone), and other things he knows nothing about.

This game tomorrow is serious. For the Mets. For Mike, but more importantly for us. We need a win because we need the Mets, because without them, all we got is a large man in a studio in Astoria with five hours of radio and nothing at all to talk about.

So, whether you are a Mets fan, a Yankees fan, a non New York fan, or simply a fan of people, or life, or the ear, or the afternoon hours of 1pm and 630pm, please root for the orange and blue tomorrow. Our futures depend on it.


TheNextBestThing1 said...

Lt sam weinberg, as a faithful commentator of this blog, i am sorry but i can not root for the Mets tomorrow. Although, i like Oliver Perez and i love this blog but i hope he gets shelled tomorrow and the Brewers win. I feel like we at this blog are intelligent enough to keep the pulse of this blog beeping. So i would not worry, and think about it w/ Francesa being so bad we will have no choice to shell out the Sirius fee and listen to Dog for a month b/c he gave Fatcesa two..


KBilly said...

Mike's niggas some niggas that you don't wanna try
Mike's niggas some niggas that's really do or die
Mike's niggas will have you cowards ready to cry

herb said...

The ironic part when the Mets win the wild card (when, not if) is that that they will have won it despite David Wright sucking -- but he will be the one surrounded by reporters when it's over.

Anonymous said...

The next class of csb, school of broadcasting is over in oct. THE SUITS WILL DECIDE AMONG, " THE CLASS DROPOUTS" WHO THEY CAN HIRE AND WORK FOR PEANUTS SO AS TO overpay THEIR PRESENT LOSERS. fatcessa, benigno,carton, boomer BOY DO THEY MISS THE CADABRA!!

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Yea they will surround him, because he is the only that speaks fluent English, but Delgado and Beltran speak the language well too but they always differ to the media..


loki said...

The Mets will not make the playoffs, so get over it you fucks.

DF said...

Mike can always talk about the BIG Sox/Yanks series this weekend.

Mussina going for his 20th win could be the biggest story in baseball this year.

Anonymous said...



loki said...

Did you guys really think the Mets would come through today?

Mike will be so happy tomorrow and all of you will have to endure it. Loki is always right.

DF said...

Man, the tension is unbearable here. When are they going to cut into Cheaper by the Dozen on TBS? That fucker better be shown in its entirety or TBS is going to be getting a very angry letter from me. Scathing even! Steve Martin has 12 kids, a "dozen." Hilarity ensues.

Arthur Rhodes always seemed like a very angry man.

Kevin said...

Think Mike might open with Favre's 6 TD game instead of the Mets?

TheNextBestThing1 said...

They choke again..Unbelievable! I ll be in an interview tomorrow at 1 can someone please youtube Mike's open if you can..This is so fun watching the Mets go down the tube, now Mike's show..

Kevin said...

I will light the fuse for the TNT to blow up that pit named Shea...

bigjf said...

So long, Metsies! Anyone still want to argue that Sabathia is not the MVP? I think it's pretty clear now.

frank drebin said...

I wouldn't normally celebrate the Mutts choking again, but hearing some of the Mets fans crowing about the Yankees not making the playoffs, let me quote Nelson from The Simpsons: "Ha ha!"

Anonymous said...

I'll have much more to say on Monday.

All I can say now is that the ignorance and lack of class of Yankee fans still amazes me!!!

How sad is it that the Yankee fans have ended their silent September only because the Mets lost?

I'll assume that Mikey will join the fun as well tommorrow.


herm said...

A lot of Mets fans started dancing on the Yankees' grave a looong time ago. Enjoy.

gman26 said...

Yankee fans should shut up. We're talking about 60-80 million in payroll disparity. I think the Mets could have squeezed 1-2 more wins out of that money. But then again, the Yanks have learned that might not be the case.

This isn't a Mets/Yankees thing. The Yanks have been spitting the bit for 7 years. The Mets for 2.

herb said...

The money argument is crap. Most teams have it, but they don't want to spend it, or players simply don't want to play on their crappy teams.

bigjf said...

All laughing and "class or classless" arguments aside (there are fans for each team in baseball with no class), the money point is moot. Teams have money, particularly big market teams (such as the Mets and Yankees and Red Sox). Some owners pocket the money from revenue sharing and whatever else, other teams spend it blindly (as we saw with George Steinbrenner this past decade; guys like Kevin Brown and Randy Johnson well past their prime, or guys like Pavano who wind up spending all their time on the DL). The Yanks have a high payroll partly due to spending on mistakes, but if ownership doesn't care about that, why should I? If a team spends smartly and keeps the payroll low, good for them. If a team doesn't spend at all and depends solely on development, you get a situation like the Rays or even the Marlins who spend to win then dump everyone.

Santana was a good move for the Mets. He almost got them in this year, but as a Yankee fan who had to hear all year from writers and whomever else that the Yanks blew it by not trading for Santana (I've also heard the price for the Yanks was astronomically high, including Cano and Wang), I am glad he didn't make it this year. As far as class goes, I'm bad for rising out of my sleep to dance on the Mets fresh grave, but I'm used to the anomosity, which is especially brutal when the Yanks get knocked out during the playoffs in 2004 and I've got a bunch of Mets fans as friends who were rooting for the Red Sox....The flowers on my grave are dead, yours are fresh.

By the way, I can't imagine how awkward that must've been sitting at Shea today during that closing ceremony.

Oh, and the Mets have been "spitting the bit" for far more than 2 years. That's the real difference between the Mets and Yankees - if the Mets make the playoffs it's a success, but if the Yanks don't win the World Series it's a failure. Something seems wrong about that standard...13 straight seasons in the playoffs is a great success, no matter what the payroll is.

"JD," Mike has gone on record as saying he was rooting for the Mets to make the playoffs. In any case, it boosts his ratings for them to keep playing. I, on the other hand, was not rooting for the Mets. I feel good for the Brewers though...And whatever you were planning on saying tomorrow, don't bother. You can call me ignorant again for saying this, but I really don't care because I doubt it will be intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Good post bigjf!

I'm sorry you took what I posted so personally.

I stand by my comments completely and with conviction and offer no apologies. Possibly you are the exception and by your post it appears as though you may understand what I mean via Met fans when the Yankees don't do well.

I like to keep my love of sports in perspective and realize that even if the Mets went on to win the World Series I would still have to work until old age just to make ends meet. I'm actually spending more time watching CNBC today in order to watch my retirement go down the drain than I am watching Mike.

Yes Mike needed the Mets to advance in order to have "fresh material" to talk about yet there seems to be a certain "happiness" surrounding him today?

Yes I do have my own thoughts and bashing to do of the Mets but don't have the time nor energy to do it today.

My thoughts are'nt relevent to how the Mets will bounce back in 2009 and are only 1 mans opinions. That being said I don't think a "Radio sports talk blog" is the place to judge someones intelligence.

Good Luck to you and hopefully the Yankees and Mets will be able to have more success next year and NY will embrace them both and their new homes.