Monday, September 8, 2008


In what has been very carefully calculated and scheduled by WFAN management leaders Mark Chernoff and Eddie Erickson, prized prospect Mike Francesa will officially move into full time starting rotation duty today. Francesa has been handled very carefully as he shifted from co-host to full time solo host. Insiders at WFAN insist that while no "verbal word count" was in place for Francesa, there definitely was a "show count."

"We definitely wanted Mike to build up his strength, his vocal chords, make sure we could manage his fluid intake since there would be no other host sitting in the studio when he went for lengthy bathroom breaks," said WFAN program director Mark Chernoff

Chernoff said that they are treating the Francesa situation in a very similar fashion to how the Yankees treated their prized prospect.

"He is our Joba," Chernoff said over the sound of laughter throughout the Astoria studios. No one could confirm whether he was referring to the Yankees starter/reliever or the evil villian from the Star Wars movies.

Rumors swirled throughout the internet about the workout routine that Francesa was going through in order to prepare for the heavy workload of an entire week of shows. The buzz was that Francesa was seen at Bally's Gym practicing at least 20 sets of handwaves every day. He also has reportedly been working out his voice with legendary performer Liza Minelli and Don Lafontaine, the "King of Voiceovers" prior to his death last week.

Mike'd Up producer Eddie Erickson will be watching Francesa carefully throughout this week and said that by Wednesday he should have a good sense of whether or not Mike will be able to make it through an entire week.

"Mike hasn't worked three straight days in a very long time. So we will be keeping a keen eye on him and we will not hesitate to bring in someone like John Minko or Jon Heyman or even Sal, myself or one of those losers from Bar A if it appears that Mike cannot handle the week."

Eddie Erickson and Mark Chernoff had no suggestions on what listeners of the show should do if they were unable to handle hearing Mike's solo show for an entire week.

The full week of Mike'd Up begins today at 1pm.


Loki said...

You can't stop me from loving nachos (and gman <3).

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Im glad Fatcesa did screw up this open by beginning with the Yankees..

Peteski said...

I guess the new "Razzle-Dazzle" jingle isn't ready.

The NFL and le Favré will save Mikey but, I don't want to hear about - talk to me in February.

Anonymous said...

that was great, very funny

bigjf said...

That is a nice tan. Too good, in fact. Looks like a tanning bed job, maybe a bronzing (not my area of expertise).

gman26 said...

Loki - layoff those nachos otherwise you'll fall prey to the Freshman 15.