Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things Mike Francesa Would Trade David Wright For

- Three 24 packs of Diet Coke

- A new jingle for his radio show

- Bronson Arroyo

- Soil from Saratoga Springs

- A new partner for his radio show

- 7 straight days of sunlight

- Southside Johnny

- Brandon Inge

- A 4th number one ranked show in New York

- Any books on JFK

- Bill Parcells

- Sarah Palin

- Nate McLouth

- PSL's


Anonymous said...

- a Knicks playoff game

- 25% off coupon for Suave Hair Gel

- the ability to "say something funny."

- Weekend in Saratoga with Omah, Bill, Jetah, and Jon Heyman

- a video of his interview with Favre and Mangini

loki said...

-a romantic dinner with loki

TheNextBestThing1 said...

- To partner back up with Dog

- Jon heyman in studio five days a week

- a chance to do his third survival pool

- a chance for kids to never have to go to school so he doesnt have to send them off again..

- another catastrophe at BAR A.

- And a sit down w/ Strahan, shockey, Isiah and Pedrioa.


wtsherman said...

-the capability of seeing his own penis

-not having to do his "tank"ing show anymore

-good press

-an interview about the M&MD breakup

-Mad Men being fair by endowing the sixties with "a little more charm"

-the fall ratings

gman26 said...


-2 cases of Bullfrog sunscreen

-Front row seats at a Bernie Williams concert, opened by Bronson Arroyo

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Scott Brosius

Anonymous said...

A full-body massage from Loki.