Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Doesn't this issue feel a little bit similar to the whole Joba fist pump nonsense. Do you remember the name of the person who was banging the drum on that issue? The Wright issue has turned into sports politics with people falling on one side or the other and very little in between and no one really listening.

Today there are stories in a few papers about the Wright issue, both for and against.

The Post says trading the third baseman would be a mistake. This makes First Time Long Time very happy. Mike Vaccaro of the Post calls the decision to break up the core "foolish, and short-sighted." Add that to the list that people are calling Mike. Here is a snippet from the Post that goes back in history to the Brooklyn Dodgers. He also uses a more recent example of the Phillies keeping their core together. For those who want Wright on the Mets, this is a good read.

John Harper of the Daily News says that Omar has to at least think about trading Reyes or Wright. But is more in the camp of those who say Delgado gotta go.

If you are Minaya, then, you have to conclude that all of these failures in the clutch are no coincidence, and to win a championship you have to be willing to take a chance and make a move that goes beyond finding some new arms for the bullpen.
With that in mind, I think Minaya has to at least keep an open mind about trading either David Wright or Jose Reyes if a blockbuster deal is out there to be made. It's probably not realistic to think he'll pull the trigger there, however, and it's still too soon to give up on either of them as chokers.

NEWSDAY: which i never read puts it pretty simply:
"Waste a second contemplating trades of Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes or David Wright. Those are assets, not liabilities."

It is worth remembering that the MetsNew York Mets ' spiritual antecedents, the Brooklyn Dodgers, endured back-to-back Septembers that were even more apocalyptic than what these Mets endured. They lost in 1950 when the Phillies' Dick Sisler hit a homer in the top of the 10th inning of game 154. They lost in 1951 when Bobby Thomson hit a homer in the bottom of the ninth of game 157.
In this very newspaper, the great Jimmy Cannon posed this question: "The Dodgers make you wonder if there is something wrong with them that can't be found in a boxscore. Can they keep going back to the drawing board with the same pieces of chalk?"
The answer was an unequivocal "yes." They kept coming back, year after year, with the same core. Of the nine men who started the final playoff game against the GiantsNew York Giants in 1951, six of them - Carl Furillo, Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, Don Newcombe, Jackie Robinson - started Game 1 of the 1955 World Series four years - and three additional heartbreaks - later. And a seventh, Roy Campanella, would have been in both lineups if he hadn't been hurt in '51.
The good people of Brooklyn prayed for Gil Hodges, who as a young player struggled every bit as much in the clutch as David Wright; it was Hodges who hit the go-ahead home run in Game 7 of the '55 Series. It would serve the good people of Flushing well to remember that.


Anonymous said...

Wright has now entered Strahan, Shockey, and Wagner territory.

Wright wronged Francesca sometime in the past, perhaps he looked at Ro the wrong way. I don't know.

But there is no valid reason for Mike's hatred of Wright.

loki said...

Two days and I'm already sick and tired of anything Mets. I'd rather listen to Mike preview the Knicks and Nets.

wee man said...

On one hand they'd be stupid to trade either player, especially a talent like Reyes (he just needs someone to mentor him and not kiss his ass). On the other hand, if either one of them were to go, as so often happens with New York athletes, they will be replaced and immediately forgotten. (Edgardo Alfonzo, Jonathan Vilma, etc.)

First Time, Long Time said...

wee man...Don't get me wrong. Fonzie was a great at bat, but after 2000, they guy was a shell of his former self. When they got rid of him, his best baseball years were long gone...not so with Wright and Reyes

Anonymous said...

These are all excellent posts and threads this week thus far!

Anon-- I agree. This Mike Fatcesa vs. David Wright stuff goes deeper than we will ever know. I realize I'm just a casual fan and don't get caught up in other teams/player stats/comparisions/etc. the way others do but just to educate myself a bit I did check out Wrights numbers for the year. Not a bad set of numbers at all!!!

While I was working out this morning I was listening to Joe and Evan and Evan pointed to Wrights numbers the past 2 Septembers and his BA was'nt bad at all! I understand he came up short in some big spots--- but Mikes hatred is totally unwarranted!

As far as a voice of the team and a true young professional--- David Wright can represent my team any day! Has Mike ever seen his Pinstriped friend give an interview after a big loss and a bad performance by him? I have and his attitude towards reporters disgusts me.

Loki-- I agree!!!! I'll watch Mikes open and if he does'nt move on I will to another station. Mike has opened a can of worms with his bashing and I believe he will continue with this until he gets the last word so I'm not optimisitc that we'll have a better show today.

Wee man--- I agree!
If Wright or any member of the core does go I'll still be a Met fan and possibly lose sight of those who have departed. I actually liked Lo Duca and Millidge but did'nt follow them at all this year unless they were playing the Mets.

I sure am in an agreeable mood today(lol). Lets see if I feel the same when my GF tells me to take the trash out later.


sirchipsalot said...

Message to JD...when your girlfriend asks you to take out the sure Mike the fat "Fat"cesa is in the "Hefty" bag..make sure its double strength..I'm sure "the shoe" would agree...HIT MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will do sirchipsalot!!!!

The shoe is very wise(lol).


loki said...

lol, someone AGREED with me?!? What universe are we living in?

gman26 said...

back in your cage, Loki