Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Mike opened up today with Chris Carlin at his side(btw, aren't sidekicks supposed to be complimentary? With these two, it's like Costello and Costello or Hardy and Hardy). Mike has continued on with his failure to address the Rays and their small market success. Even though he said that Rays owner Stuart Sternberg was coming on later, he tried to diminish their success by mentioning that he has been on before and basically, Mike'd Up has 'been a good luck charm for the Rays'.

So they're talking about the Jets and arguing points that don't really have a point. I know it's a slow sports day but this is boring. Couldn't they talk about the Elite XC folding and Kimbo Slice's future prospects?

The good news is that Mike announced that 'the Mets owner will be on later today'. He didn't even say his name. Regardless, this is must listen or watch TV or radio. Let's see how Mike approaches the non-existent David Wright controversy. Will he talk about the Met cohuuh? Will Wilpon even use the word core, and if he does, will it sound like regular English?

What else can we anticipate with the Wilpon conversation?
(update: Mike just said 'Jeff' as in Jeff Wilpon. I was under the impression that he was going to speak with Fred. This definitely changes the dynamic.)


Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

Conversely, Dog has opened with the Rays/Phillies. His pick, Rays in 6

gman26 said...

Damn. Dog just doomed the Rays.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Wow this is a boring show....The video of the ref is pretty interesting, but now this is just Mike and Carlin trying to sound like they are more knowledgeable about football and all they are doing is speculating and guessing about what the guy was thinking and what's gonna happen


bigjf said...

I didn't see the Wilpon interview, but I'm almost certain he didn't mention David Wright whatsoever.

Amazing, Mike's ego still astounds me. I had predicted that Mike would say he predicted the Rays would win, but I didn't even conceive he could take credit for their good "karma." So if the Rays win the World Series, Mike wins the World Series?