Monday, October 27, 2008

Wright or Wrong?

Mike just revisited his timeless "David Wright sucks and is the reason for everything that is wrong in America" argument. Here was Mike just a short while ago:

"But again, Longoria has had a terrible World Series, but he did hit 6 home runs in the first 2 playoff series. Six. That's an extraordinary number of homeruns. Now he has had an o-fer World Series, but can we wait until Wright hits A post season homerun.!?"

Uhh, Mike. Hate to break the news. But Wright hit a homer against the Cards in the NLCS two years ago. But let's not let facts get in the way of things. Carry on.


gabagool said...

Heres one to consider:

Can SOMEONE explain to me WHY MF, even when:

1. He makes a 10X the money

2. Is actually BETTER looking than
at least THIS human being (since
MF is SO obsesses with mens looks)

3. Has a million times the power
and the prestige of this guy

4. PROBABLY, and thats a BIG,
probably, has more sports
knowledge than this guy

5. Is LESS of a kiss ass to Kim
Jones than this guy STILL kills him with green green evny to play Continents play by play of Rutgers?

Is it because Continent, as annoying as he is, is a GAZILLION times better than MF play by play?
(I know MF DOESN'T do any, except a few times, which was horrible) but I got a guy feeling you ask MF who is better, and the answer won't be as clear cut.

Just another example on how insecure this slob is about himself.

But I'm still trying to figure out WHO he butt licks more, KJ or the baseball special report guy, (whats his name?)

But, grudgingly, I agree with MF about breaking up that duo at shea....time to give it up.

Can something with the sox be worked out? For, lets say Papi, lowrie and Buckholz? If they can, sign Varitek? He can't hit for beans, but their catcher isn't exactly johnny bench. They need some leadership. Someone to get in the faces of the ones responsible for 3 lousy endings to seasons in a row.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was both funny and sad when 2 callers(back to back) called in to question Mike on his love for Longoria vs. his hatred for David Wright.

Of course they both got the usual hand wave so they would'nt be able to respond to Mikes nonsense and Mike could verbally assault them like the bully he is.

The most amazing part was when Mike asked his audience what was up with their "obsession" with Wright???? Obsession??? Was'nt Mike the one who started all this??? Basically calling off Football Fridays in order to bash Wright and the "core"? Was'nt it Mike who wants to re-name election day to "Trade David Tuesday"?(just kidding).

As usual of late--- I knew that was my time to turn off Mike and head elsewhere. It was also the time of day when I was wishing Mike would have a successful Isiah Thomas moment via elephant tranquilizers(lol).

Hopefully Mike will have another 2 day guest/helper/partner Tuesday to make the show tolerable-- If not the countdown to Mikes ultimate fall continues!!!!


Gene said...

anybody read mushnick today? he also mentioned mike saying to throuw out all the european horses because it is too hot for them. Then, they won almost every race.

Did Mike mention this today or did he ignore it like every other time he gets something wrong?

bigjf said...

If I remember correctly, Wright was abysmal in that series, despite the home run, but I get your point.

First Time, Long Time said...

bigjf...yes, point is Francesa doesn't rely on facts. Yes Wright was bad in that series, but in the series before, the NLDS, Wright hit over .300

bigjf said...


You are a Mets fan, I assume? So you want to trade either Wright or Reyes for Ortiz, Lowrie, Buchholz, and sign Varitek? Do you want your team to continue to stink? You realize you have no DH and Ortiz would have to play at first base, which is like sticking Frank Thomas or Keith Hernandez (today's version) at first base. Then what do you do with Carlos Delgado? The only player of value you're really getting there, in exchange for a premiere player, is Buchholz, who might or might not be a good starter someday. And Varitek's supposed leadership is not worth signing. Sign him as a coach or not at all.

IMO, your better move is to try Jose Reyes for Roy Halladay, then go hard after signing Rafael Furcal to play SS.

gabagool said...


I'm not a mets fan.

But as honest as I can be, the think the biggest problems with the mets are bullpen and ATTITUDE.

I think you got a team with 2 or 3 real cancers. You know, the kind of guys that are nice when things are going well, they say all the nice things,all gungho and rah rah. But as SOON as things start to go SOUTH, their REAL nature pops out. And I think these past 3 ending to the seasons have AT LEAST given my point a BIT of relevance.

I said trade REYES, not Wright. Reyes, SEEMS TO ME, is the type of talent that makes a SOLIDLY MATURE GOOD CITIZEN team much much better. But on a team with NO LEADERS (or no GOOD leaders) he begins to act like a spoiled baby, and is ENCOURAGED behind the scenes by troublemakers who are far, far less talented than him. ANd because he is immature and can't stand up for himself he goes along with it and becomes a cancer himself.

With Papi and Varitek (and believe me, Varitek is no one of my guys) they would put a stop to that IMMEDIATELY. ANd again, you GOT no Johnny Bench there now. Maybe even bring in Lowell. I HATE the sox, but these are 3 quality character guys who, along with the talent the mets have, you can win NEXT YEAR. Lowrie is no REYES, but on a talented team, he is MORE than adaquate.

I think Delgado is gone next year, no? ANd good riddance. He's just the type of guy the Mets DON'T need. ANd while Wright SEEMS to be a ok guy (the egging on of Delgado NOT withstanding) you keep an eye on him next year also.

Man, if you choke it big time ONE year in a row, ok, maybe you don't change much, there IS luck involved....but TWICE IN A ROW? You gotta start to take MAJOR steps.

I'm SURE there are better trades out there, my point is to BRING IN QUALITY CHARACTERS, and mix them in with talent that is there, and build your bullpen.

Look, when the Yanks won year after year, ALL I EVER HEARD from Mets and Sox fans were that the Yanks were LUCKY because they had no super stars, no one EVER lead the league in NOTHING. They won because they were, for the MOST part, good guys and teammates. ANd because of that, malcontents were NOT allowed to putrify the club house.

Oh yeah, one last thing, BYE BYE pedro...he's gotta go. Watch for him because SOON, his old act of "being disrespected" is gonna start. When you are amazing, people put up with you, start to suck and its over.....Pedro will find that out real soon.

bigjf said...

My gut feeling is Delgado will be back next year. He has a reasonable option, and considering he was in the MVP discussion, I don't see the Mets letting him go. Even still, Ortiz CANNOT play first base for 100+ games. He could never move, and now his bat is in decline, in part due to injuries. You can get way better than that package you suggested for Reyes. Replace Lowrie with Pedroia, then you're starting to get closer to the ballpark. Reyes is a superstar shortstop with an affordable contract. If you're going to trade him, offer him up to the Giants for Lincecum, and throw Fernando Martinez in if you have to.

gabagool said...


God, there is NO WAY, NO WAY, you get Lincecum for Reyes. Maybe, MAYBE, with Martinez. Youre talking about a baby Cy Young winner.

For a "superstar" shortstop that ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS comes up short when they need him most. The important word being ALWAYS.

But, you got a point about Papi. He came out of nowhere and disappeared just as fast, hmmmmmmmmmm......He DID say someone could have slipped him something for 3 years WITHOUT him knowing......

Again, my point, the Mets NEED leaders, NOT more talent, MORE INTESTINAL FORTITUDE.

bigjf said...


I think we agree in principle, but fortitude doesn't win championships. Varitek has plenty of that and might fit well on the Mets, but he won't win them anything. The trick is to fill in the traded slot with a free agent, so if you trade Reyes for a big time starting pitcher, let's say Halladay just for the sake of it, and you sign either Hudson or Furcal to play SS, then the Mets remove a source of why the rest of the league despises them more than any other team and more importantly you make the rotation so much better. Adding a bona fide ace with Santana and Pelfrey gives you what the Mets were hoping for when they originally signed Pedro. But clearly the first thing they need to address is bullpen.