Friday, October 24, 2008


A commenter on this very blog has called us out for essentially losing our fastball. He claims, in this post Mike and the Mad Dog world, that we have become unfunny. We have basically become a one trick pony. And we agree. It has suddenly occurred to myself, Lt. Weinberg and Gman, that we have quite possibly hit rock bottom. When we started out, we were devoted to writing a blog about the Mike and the Mad Dog Show (hence the name of the blog), but then they broke up and we were thrown for a loop. Kevin Costner from JFK sort of captures the effect of the MMD split, “We're through the looking glass, people. White is black. And black is white." And ever since the departure of Chris Russo, Mike’s performance and his show have suffered immeasurably. We have harped on this for way too long. And while Mike’d Up Francesa on the Fan is certainly down in the dumps, we too, have fallen quite a bit. We recognize that we are in the midst of some dark days. We are no longer the fun-loving, sharp, witty blog that we once were. We have deteriorated into something far worse and are facing demons we never anticipated. We have become a shadow of what we once were. We have become a heroin addict reaching for his needle. We have become addicted to a dependence on criticizing Mike Francesa on an hourly basis. We find ourselves facing a personal crisis. The bottom line is simple. We need an Intervention. And we are turning to you, our loyal readers, to help bring us out of this dark period. You are to us what Jeff VanVonderen and Candy Finnigan are to A&E's Intervention. We are asking you to write comments encouraging us to turn things around. Each comment should start with the following line “You’re addiction to being down in the dumps with Francesa has affected me in the following ways...” And then list the ways that it has affected you. Tell us what we were like before this awful change. Tell us what you liked about us. We are determined to see the light. We are seeking help and a route to redemption...


loki said...

This blog has been and will always will be shit.

Hope that helps.

ryan t. said...

I personally enjoy the Mike bashing. If he was doing a good show, he wouldn't be bashed. His cocky attitude in not missing a beat from losing Russo set himself up for exactly this type of reaction from fans. He made promises of a continued great show, a sidekick, a theme song, etc etc etc and has not delivered on a single one of them. All the while Russo is off on Sirius delivering a very entertaining show with GREAT guests.

I haven't listened to Francesa in weeks. This site has kept me up to date on what he's up to. I've expected one day to see you guys tell me that he's put it all back together. The fact that he hasn't proves that his big ego has finally gotten him in trouble.

He deserves every bit of every post that has been written here about him.

One Francesa relative, or Chernoff, or whoever that poster was, shouldn't change what's proven to be a fun source of Mike updates.

My only request would be, don't forget about Maddog. Get Sirius online for $13 a month and get back on his case a little bit too. He's doing a great show, give him some recognition.

gman26 said...

Ryan T.

Thanks for the kind words. Just like a regular intervention though, let's stick to the problem. Our incessant bashing of Michael Patrick Francesa.

btw, I do listen to Dog on occassion and 'a very entertaining show with GREAT guests' is a bit strong. I will agree that they are getting more and better guests than he ever did with Mike. But I find it a bit flat at times. He tries to cover too much national ground all at once. And he turns to his update guy, Steve Torre, for opinion every now and then. There's a reason why he's an update guy, not a co-host.

newyorknewyork said...

You'll be good again, I have faith. Poke fun at what happened on the show, not what you wish would have happened. Keep up the good work, alot of blogs out there, and you have a loyal following.

Gene said...

You are being waayyyyy too hard on yourselves. To me, the point has always been to make fun of them in a good natured way.

However, the performance of Mike since the breakup dictates that you have written what you have. I know it and Chernoff knows it.

It has been a train wreck to the degree of the way the market has been crasing. After the break up, Mike said he would never had a cohost but might occassionally bring in a youger guy to to "bring him along".

After about two weeks of this absolute disaster, he was ORDERED to get a co-host. However, no one that was any good wanted to do it, so they ran through all of the Fan retreads. I would not be shocked to hear the janitor on next week.

the real point is that this is unlistenable and a blog can only be as good as the topic they are referencing.

If they pick Beningo (and by the way chernoff will decide, not mike), it goes 100% agains what mike said and will be embarassing.

I don't know who this guy is that writes in and says mike invented sports talk radio. He did not. I could prove it with a bunch of facts, but dont want to take the time to do it.

Remember, in the early days, Mike was alone and paired with other people adn was a failure.

I am starting to think that those guys just has a once and a lifetime chemistry and it will never be duplicated. If recent events do not bring Mike's ego out of the stratoshpere nothing ever will.

He is a failure solo and if he goes with Beningo he will be a failure. If ESPN could put something on against him other than a test pattern, they would win this race.

Same deal with Mike saying he is number one on sunday morning radio when people are at church or out to breakfast. Same with MIked up. NO competition.

Bottom line, I was the biggest fan going and my wife even liked listening. I taped it on Yes and listed after work while working out. Now neither one of us wants to hear it. The blog has reflected that. This site is meant to report what happens on the show. If the show is shit, this blog will reflect it.

If readers want to read about people who beg mike not to think they are losers adn run videos of mike making fun of them, head on over to I prefer a non-worshiping view of the show that is accurate and balanced.

Gene said...

One other thing I meant to post yesterday. Esteemed horseman, Mike Francesa says that he hates poly turf. It is frustrating for a better, but it saves horses lives. I am from KY and know a thing or two about horses and if you love the animals the short-term wrench it throws into betting is a small factor versus saving animals lives. Yet, Mike will be the first one to TSK TSK, when a famous horse is inured.

Also, Mike said yesterday that european horses, do not "climatize" well. Want to hear that in English? It means they don't like the heat. I have never heard anyone in the biz use that term and Mike does it to make racing novices think he is smart.

So annoying. I am really starting to hate the guy. I guess the likeable Chris somehow took the edge off Mike, but this guy is a prick and I am rooting for him to get his comeuppance.

newyorknewyork said...

I never claimed Mike invented sports-talk radio. It is a simple fact that 66AM WFAN, NY was the first to offer all sports talk 24 hours a day. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. I just want this blog to go back to being more of a satire, rather than bashing. Sure Mike deserves it right now, he is sucking wind. Hope they go back to poking fun at what is happening on the show, rather not at Mike's arrogance.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Yea its ok fellas dont be so hard on yourselves, i caught on to this blog only two weeks before the break up..but b/c of this blog i still listen to sports talk when i can..I feel like i have an opinion and it needs to heard and you guys gave me the forum and its greatly appreciated..This blog is like the economy right now but its not extreme, but like the economy we ll bounce back..And as long as there is nothing really to discuss in sports, we really have no need to listen fatcesa, therefore making it a slow day at mike and the mad blog...But guys remember we were great once and will be again. I only listen to Mike for the first half b/c of work, but i dont know if thats a good or bad thing. But i thank you guys for this blog and dont worry like myself this blog will be back stronger than ever..

This is NBT and i approve this message..

Gene said...


Agree completely that satire is the way to go. Good point.

Also must agree that WFAN was the first 24 hour sports talk and a true media innovator.

My point was there were guys doing it way before them. Pete Franklin in Clevland comes to mind. (Remember, I said doing it, not doing it well). He sucked.

Anyway, I am with you bro. The show is going through a transition period and so is the blog. My point was that when the show sucks this bad, it is hard not to react to it.

MMD were so good togehter and perfect satirical targets. Maybe when he gets a partner that will return. I don't see Joe B. brining it though. I think the good thing about chris was that he was such a non new yorker and non typical sports talk show guy. I don't know though. Its hard to analyze chemistry.

gabagool said...

I remember your swishy ass in another blog........ call Mike up lately and tell him how you have wet dreams about him wuss.

And Ryan....WHAT show have YOU been listening too? DOgs?? Please.

Listen, BOTH these losers have lived one GD lucky ass life so far....and while none of us can take the ill deserved cash from them, we can ALL be honest and say that they are what they are.....really, really BAD, LOUSY, SUCKY, NAUSEATING sports talk show hosts. They lucked out. They got the best spot in town. You gotta be DEAD to not have the highest sport talk show ratings.....hows THAT been lately by the way?

Ever wonder WHY Mike likes Manny? I mean, really, think about it. He likes a guy, with an attitude, really, in all honesty a total loser and jerk. BUT, because he is the BEST hitter in the world, people put up with him.....who do you all think that Manny reminds this fat slob of? There you go...........HIMSELF!! Except he is in LALA land if he thinks he's sports talk version of Manny.

His show is horrible. Really. It doesn't take a brain surgeon (ANd dogs is a C hair better, and I mean a real, real THIN C hair.)

I'm loving life right now. Its only a matter of TIME.

gabagool said...

Oh yeah

to all those guys who said Mike was gonna be FORCED to get a co host, congrats.

I place myself SQUARELY in the middle of that pack.

ANd it took NO BRAINS, just honesty.

wtsherman said...

I'm with Showtime 1.

Can I be the third wheel, hard-enunciating, worse-for-wear former meth addict? Can I be the Ken Seeley of this piece?

Here's my intervention for this blog: You had me at VanVonderen! The only thing I like more than that show and Jeff's aplomb was his last name.

I don't watch that show anymore for two reasons. First, my girlfriend,. Second, it was a lot funner watching it while drinking on a friday night (before they switched), than watching it on sunday night while drinking....if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I'm kinda burnt on this blog, but that's just me really. I've been too internetted of late, and I need to breathe more reality. I think you guy's are basically right where you need to be. And I'd be happy to help/recommend you in any way I can. Cheers, guys.

wtsherman said...

PS - Finnigan's Wake is more than just Joyce's inscrutable peroration. It surely must also be a salient feature of Candy's resume. I could never forbear under that woman's crusty aegis.

Anonymous said...

Wake up and smell the revenue folks!!. You can compare all these non talent jock,s who are on the radio, tv and satellite and they are all bad, bad, bad. THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS THEM ON IS THEY WORK CHEAP AND AD MONEY IS ROLLING IN.

gman26 said...

Anon - thanks for the comment. Now stay on topic please.

Gene said...

Guys, I don't know where to post this, but it is an example of expert horseman mike francessa at his best.

All day friday, he said the european horses did not "climatize" well and they should all be thrown out of consideration. Well, they dominated the day and finished first and second in the classic.

For him to pass himself off as knowing anything about horses is a complete fraud.

bigjf said...

Thanks for mentioning that, gene. I don't follow horse racing at all, but even I would have believed Mike knew a thing or two about it. It's gotta bother him to get beat at his own game.

Gene said...

Well Sherm,

If you have never heard the term "climatize", don't feel bad. No one else in racing has either. Mike made it up to sound smart while making the point that european horses supposedly don't do well in hot weather. He could have just said that they prefer cooler weather (which is not even true by the way), but why say it so simply when you can say that they dont climatize well.

It's kind of like when he throws around those football terms like big nickel and max protect. Jargon for jargon's sake. It fools the guys over at, but I will not permit this literate, more intellectual group to be fooled if I can help it. I know racing, football and baseball. he could fool me on basketball and hockey, but I am sure we have a lot of experts on that on this board, so let's not let him get away with it.

KBilly said...

I can't wait to hear what Dog has to say about this Game 3 starting at 10 pm and going until 2 am or even later.
If he says that he missed the final inning of a tie World Series game b/c of his wife and kids, I am going to vomit. I hope he gets Bud on to explain himself.

bigjf said...

What does Selig have to explain? The game was delayed by rain. Not what he wanted, but nothing you can do about that...just unfortunate.

KBilly said...

Well b/c you don't start a game at 10 pm on a Saturday if you want ratings. That was a GREAT game too, but it ended at 2 am, so most fans didn't see the end. Selig should have called a rainout.

Anonymous said...

Rainout would have been played on work night ending around 12....not much difference.

Loki said...

You bitches better get your blogging back up and fast. I got to read something while in my Christian Ethics class.

bigjf said...

If it was my call, I'd rather have that game played saturday night. On that night, you're either going out or you're committing to watching that game (maybe other games as well...). It didn't affect ratings that much. Weather is part of the deal sometimes, you can't blame Selg (for a change). For some people, maybe they went out, came home, and caught the end of the game early that Sunday morning. As someone else stated, the game would have been made up on a weeknight when people work or can't stay up that late anyway, plus it takes away the travel day (should it be necessary), which in turn hurts the players. So in that situation, he's going to protect the players, especially since the difference in ratings isn't major anyway.

And I don't know much about this, but maybe Fox also pressured baseball to get the game played so as to avoid conflict with their other programming. That's possible too, I guess.