Thursday, October 9, 2008

Move Over Carlin & Jones

Too bad for Kim Jones and Chris Carlin if they actually thought they were part of the Mike'd Up/Francesa on the Fan show the past few days. Mike has kept them around to humor him over the past 72 hours. But when it's time for a guest spot - in this case, Tim McCarver, Jones and Carlin are tossed to the curb faster than Mike downing a diet coke. They are not in studio and present for Mike's interview with Tim McCarver right now. And that says one thing to me: Mike doesn't take them seriously enough to have them participate in these sorts of interviews. This is Mike's show. You're not going to take away valuable questions from him. Move out of the way. This is his time to ask and answer his own questions. It's all about Mike. He'll let you back in the studio when "Timmy" is off the line. It's nice to have the real Mike Francesa back.


Anonymous said...

Carlin/Jones/Francesca were very good together on the first day--but has gotten progressively worse and is now borderline unlistenable.


Anonymous said...

McCarver is very particular when it comes to doing interviews.
I think Timmy only was comfortable talking to Mikey.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is this that is on now?


bigjf said...

And as I thought, it was basically a softball interview with Tim, even though he ripped him pretty good yesterday for his Manny comments.

yam said...

Mike is a pompous ass who can't help but talk down to people. Kim doesn't take his shit, but Carlin goes ballistic -- the kind of guy whose buttons you can't help but push.