Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Camera Phones Bringing Down America

You thought it was the economy that was killing our country? Or perhaps fears of another terrorist attack? Health care? Try again. Francesa just nailed down the real problem in our nation:

"He (Joba) can't go anywhere. He can't...that camera phone is the biggest pain the neck in America for anybody anywhere because..listen, I'm not putting myself on the level with any of these guys (uhh yeah you are), but I can tell you that I have sat out at dinner and seen someone at the next table taking a picture of me with the phone, with my wife. And seen them trying to act like they're on the phone and they're snapping pictures...people know me a little bit. I'm not Joba point is those guys see that in their face everywhere they go and those phones are the most annoying things in history."


Anonymous said...

Cell phones now have extra wide lenses?

First Time, Long Time said...

wow. Kim Jones just defends Joba by saying "how many of us have gotten behind the wheel after we've had too many.." Hey Kim, how many of us also then talk those bottles of alcohol INTO the car with us and continued drinking WHILE actually driving..I love how Joba gets off the hook b/c he is Joba..

Anonymous said...

I watched the opening of Mike today with the entire Favre controversy and as usual got bored and moved on.

This cell phone stuff sounds like Mike thinking he is a celebrity and his wishing that he was!

I am totally turned off by Kim Jones! I don't like her look at all and consider her to have an arrogant/ignorant attitiude almost as bad as Mikes.

Believe it or not-- I do think that the similarities between Mike and Kim does make it work? Somewhat like a Scrooge and Marley partnership from a christmas carol?
This may be the new team?

As far as Kim defending Joba--- She does remind me of..... Sorry, I don't want to get crude here... hopefully you guys can finish my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! im famous!! whaaaaaaaaa!!!!

bigjf said...

It's absolutely astounding how far Mike takes things. This just accentuates the point about Mike being a pre-internet host, stuck in an era free from the tyranny of today's technology. Boo hoo, Mike, so people take pics of you on their phone while you're eating. At least they pretend they're on the phone (or they might even actually be on the phone, thus making you an idiot). Doesn't it beat busting out the big ass camera and running up close for a shot of you with the huge flash going off? If I wanted to, I could look up numerous pics of you on the internet right now. What do you care if someone takes a pic of you in a public setting? I know I would...taking a pic of Mike eating at a restaurant is like taking pics of hippos in their natural habitat.

As for Kim Jones, what Joba did was reprehensible. Don't try to act like we can all relate, just because you had a few too many and then took off. Guys, how many of us can say we had a few too many and slept with the fat chick at the party? Speaking for me, if I have too many, I'm crashing there. But yes, many people do drive after drinking...but it takes a special kind of stupid to bring an open container with you AND get pulled over for SPEEDING! Can't you at least do the speed limit and lay low for one night? And I'm a big fan of Joba, I think he's an amazing young pitcher (provided he can stay out of future trouble), but he's very lucky to be as good as he is because he doesn't have any kind of intelligence to say he has a backup plan as a scholar.

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

Cell Phones Can be A BIG annoyance. I myself am always gettig on somebody about them.

Repoz said...

I loved when Mrs. Ed said she "didn't want to come off as a Yankee apologist, but..."

and then proceded to naglick Joba's ass.

muy shallow.

Gene said...

I can almost guarantee the only people who would take a picture of Mike in a restaurant reside at Who else would do such a crazy thing?

Let's say you snap of this picture of Mike and Ro, what would you then do with it? Put it on your mantle? email it to your friends? put it on your webpage? Why? Why? wHY?

I hope the people on this site understand what i am saying, because this is the exact reason I left that site. We make fun of MIke and his arrogance. Those guys beg for pictures and screen shots of Mike at a Yankees game etc, etc. They also post open letters to him thanking him for making fun of them and saying they are not really dangerous nerds.

They are for everythign that I am against and I have not heard anyone comment on how ridiculous it is to take a picture of Mike in public? IF that's a good idea, who is next? Chernoff, Eddie Erickson, Sal Licata?

Gotta know if you guys agree or not. I thought I found where the cool kids hang out, but maybe not. Please advise.

Rock said...


what a joke

today was the worst show since the break up.


First Time, Long Time said...

Gene...sounds as if you have reached a certain moral ground and for you to continue to soldier forward, you, much like Lt. Sam Weinberg, want answers. Well Gene, we live in a world that has camera all seriousness, I myself would not take a picture of francesa on his camera phone at a restaurant..But that is not the Issue...the Issue here is that once again Mike uses something that affects him personally to make a broader statement on a big sports essentially Joba gets pulled over for DUI, and before doing so, gets in a verbal fight at a strip bar...but the real issue is the damn camera phone...just bizarre.

gman26 said...

Comparing us to is not fair, nor accurate. We are the Erudite, Francesa-loathing, movie-quoting, non-camera-phone-picture-toting, Chris and Mike mistake-noting, not drunk driving promoting., etc.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Dont you mean "Jobber?" Did you happen to get the quote about him noting that this MOST generation has A LOT of kids out of wedlock?

Brian said...

10 minutes into Dog's show and he can barely speak. I don't know if he was yelling about the bathrooms in Tropicana Stadium last night or what's going on. But he is struggling right now. I don't know if he's gonna make it until 7. But at least he's giving it his best shot. Francesa would never give it a go under the same circumstances.