Thursday, October 2, 2008


So a caller just called in and suggested the Mets trade Beltran to the Yanks for Cano and Nady. Mike didn't think it was such a crazy idea. Let's review for a second. Mike has told us all that the problem with the Mets is that they don't have game-UHs...that they don't have players with heart who leave it all on the who better to bring to the Mets than Robinson Cano, a guy known for dogging it...a guy known for playing without focus...a guy who makes boneheaded plays far too often...yep, that should help propel the Mets to the next level. Worst trade ever.


Anonymous said...

oh shit, mike just went off on Carton!

loki said...



Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! A Feud on the Fan!!!

This is great stuff--- Mike is going off on Craig Carton!!!

More arrogance and lack of personality on Mikes behalf!!!!

Lighten up Mikey--- that was good stuff this morning!!! At least Boomer and Carton provide some light hearted fun in the morning.

Did anyone see the look on Mikes face while he listened to this mornings replay? If looks could kill. He went so far as to say that without him-- Boomer and Carton don't eat!!!!

Mike has just hit a new LOW in ignorance!

Get on with it Mike and team up with Jon Heyman since you allow him to talk more than you ever allowed "DOG".


Anonymous said...

I only caught the tail end of that. Anybody care to fill me in as to why Mike was so upset??

CraftyLefty said...

Francesca had been pretty reasonable concerning Beltran; saying that he provides Gold Glove defense in addition to his big numbers; and that you just can't replace that. Then he turns around and thinks trading him for a somewhat above-average corner outfielder and a malcontent is a possibility?? Does he even listen to himself?

bigjf said...

First off, Cano is lazy, but not a malcontent. He's never popped off at the mouth to the media about anything team related.

Secondly, Mike likes that trade because he's a Yankee fan and a Beltran fan, hence he wants Beltran on the Yankees, even though they passed up the chance to sign him at a discounted price!

Anonymous said...

Cano is too stupid to be a malcontent. Have you guys ever heard him speak? My god, I realize you grew up in a poor country, but he has the IQ of a 13 year old.

bigjf said...

I've tried hearing him speak, but I can't understand him too well. I don't think he has the IQ of a 13 year old, but I do think he has the command of a 2 year old over the English language. Then again, that's not unlike Jose Reyes, I can't understand him either. And his antics on the field only follow up the idea that he is still a 13 year old.