Thursday, October 16, 2008


I know this was the question on many of your minds. Perhaps the next question was, "was Kim Jones not available?" (by the way, why does Minko not get a shot on the Mike Merry Go Round? Does he simply have no aspirations of anything higher than reciting the same information every 20 minutes? What does Minko dream about? The advent of the 40/40 flash? Or maybe the 10/10 flash? Someone find out, please.)

The answer to "who the F is Frank Isola," can be answered with two pieces of information. One simply a bio and the second a link to an article about how he became persona non grata around the Dolan Mafia known as the New York Knicks. The stuff with the Knicks is fairly insane and make Isola seem pretty cool. But while some people have a face for radio, it seems like Isola has a personality for print.

Here's the bio info
Frank Isola has been the Knicks beat writer for the News since 1996. He is also a regular analyst on NBA TV and is the co-host of the NBA Radio show "Tip Off" which can be heard daily on Sirius.

Here is the link to the article from the New York Observer title Life In Knicks Hell (i wonder what Isola would title an article about today)

Enjoy getting to know today's co-host. I believe tomorrow we've got Sue Simmons and Mr G.


Peteski said...

a Yankee Fan.

repoz said...

Holy crap...Isola is stoopidier than F-Pool and Evan.

F-Pool- "Some of those years Manny hit .500 against the Yankees!"

That happened once.

Manny hit 7 points higher against the Yankees than his career ave.

That's it.

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

I like Isola, when I have read him or heard him on Basketball, which is not exactly the hot topic these days, but can he at least dress a little neater for his spot on YES?

Anonymous said...

Todays show is unwatchable!

I just spent 4 days in Atlantic City and was missing my afternoon fix of YES with "Francesa on the Fan", "Miked Up", "Francesa by the Fireplace", etc. but this is absolute CRAP so off to CNBC I go!

Hopefully Fridays show will be tolerable.


Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

Isola's face is saying, as Francesa is talking politcis, what the hell is going on here and what am I doing here. And does Ro know how her husband fawns over Palin. Oh well I am off to get a haircut...most likely more interesting than this crap. Wonder what I will miss........keep me posted