Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here's what Mike said yesterday about Falcons QB Matt Ryan:

"(he) plays like he's been in this league for 10 years. I mean he looks wonderful as a player...Ryan has got a little something special. Listen they went through hell last year as a franchise and now they've come out the other side. They paid dearly but they came away with a special player. They made the right call. There were a lot of knuckleheads who didn't want them to pick this quarterback on draft day..."

Here's what Mike said today about Falcons QB Matt Ryan:

"Don't canonize him too fast...there are some bad days coming for this quarterback."


bigjf said...

Evan doesn't stand a chance to last with Mike. He is handing him his ass right now on the idea that Mike is politically independent. He's exposed him for voting republican pretty much forever, including Bush twice. Mike just looks silly right now, and Evan is toying with him, basically giving Mike a dose of his own medicine.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Haha yeah totally.... Also Mike was basically trying to make fun of / discredit Evan by talking about how he came to work at FAN. All the stories "so your Mom brought you in here..." It was hard to listen to. Mike is such a dick, esp to anyone younger than him. Love how Evan doesn't back down. obviously Evan isn't perfect either but I like how he isn't afraid to challenge Mike, be it on his sports predictions, statements, voting records, etc.

bigjf said...

I don't love all of Evan's ideas, but I honestly believe he is the future of WFAN, as he should be. He is the homegrown protege, and that his keeps his own opinions, isn't a yes-man to the head cheese, doesn't let Mike influence him or change him...this guy could be a real success. From what I can tell he's a good personality as a host, respects others' opinions, and rationalizes his own ideas and points of view. I'd like Benigno to join Mike permanaently, if only to give Evan his own show in the midday and start the seed for his eventual takeover in 4-5 years of the afternoon "prime real estate."