Monday, October 20, 2008


I am still watching the show on mute. It's been great so far. I have not heard a word out of Mike's mouth all day, but i looked up at the television at 3:11 and saw highlights of the Rays beating the Red Sox and therefore made the assumption that Mike is talking about the Rays beating the Red Sox.

What's great about watching the show on mute is that you can make assumptions at what Mike is saying just by the movement of his head. It's kind of fun. You know that he is still not giving the Rays credit, you know that he is possibly talking negatively about Varitek, etc

Mike'd Up on Mute. It's a great show.


Anonymous said...

Did Mike just say he did'nt do his Sunday night show?

I am never awake that late but since I'm ending a vacation and did watch the game I did want to catch part of his show. I was expecting to see the news but saw Bruce Beck and assumed Mike would be on after. I could'nt stay awake and went to sleep.

It's no big deal but for Mike to miss a Football/ALCS show is odd and although he claims to have been sick I just think he is losing interest in his line of work.

The train wreck continues--- I sure hope Mike has something good in store for his next career. I doubt he would want to do what I do. He could'nt even pay his property taxes with that pay cut(lol).


Gene said...

Mike does not want to talk about the Rays, becaus if they were behind anytime the sixth inning of game 6 that their knees would turn to jelly, they would be crying and they would be projectile vomiting at their positions.

He also said if a game 7 did occur, the rays had zero chance of winning it. This is one of the biggest stories in baseball history for a team with that payroll to make the world series and coming back from the adversity of 7-0. Not in Mike's world though.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Thank God Mike is promising to get on an expert from California to tell us about how this new poly-track will affect the horses from around the country. I was really worried.

Also, while telling us he doesn't know about that, Mike did his typical move of overemphasizing the fact that he is actually not knowledgeable about a certain subject SO much b/c its such a shock that he isn't an expert on something.

Gene said...


The implicaton is that we all expect Mike to know everything and when he doesn't know something he has to tell us that 100 times because it is just so rare and unexpected.

He did the same thing earlier about Favre calling the Lions to scout green bay's offense for them. He said no one knows for sure and that if we think he knows it in spite of all that, he does not.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Exactly Gene. I knew I butchered it as I was writing it, but glad you could read through my horrible writing.

Mike from Montclair just called up - was that the first call since his "threat" about Sirius? This call was obviously much better than last week but seemed to be a little icy tension in the air between Mike and his biggest fan

gman26 said...

since I have been listening at 3pm, I haven't heard much about the Rays, except that if they win it all, they'll have to pay all their players.

I have heard that Pedroia, Crisp and Youkilis were brilliant. This is very similar to the US beating Europe in the Ryder Cup. All Johnny Miller could talk about was how good a team Europe was.

In Mike's quest to not give the Rays credit, he has opened up the phone lines to 'NFL calls'.

Peteski said...
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Gene said...

If the sox had won last night, I am giving you my personal guarantee that Mike would have led with it and talked about it all day long.

bigjf said...

I didn't watch today. I shut it off once Mike opened with the Jets.

Let me clarify: I did check on him again around 2:30 to see that he was still talking Jets and taking calls from miserable Jets fans. That was it for me. Would've been funny to hear that Mike from Montclair called up again to call him an idiot for opening with the Jets.

Did anyone who listened hear Mike namedrop again today? I'm betting he did at some point...

bigjf said...

One thing I did hear him say today that I want to bring up, about the Rays game...he blamed Boston's lineup, the bottom of the order, for not coming through. Mike, how many times did Ortiz come through during the series? Once? And he batted 3rd the whole time, did he not? If that was A-Rod, he would've been batting 8th by Game 5.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Wow, has Mike Francesa killed this blog...I hope not!