Thursday, October 23, 2008

What have we learned today?

We've been away the first couple hours. So fill us in. What have we learned? Are the Phillies the new Yankees? Are cell phones still the death of our nation? Do we have a jingle yet? What have we missed?


Whatdoyouhave? said...

We've learned that Mike has had knee surgeries before, and that he knows all about knee surgery, and that infections are very commom. We've learned that every caller in the first hour also had knee surgeries and felt the need to talk about with the tri-state area. We've learned that Mike thinks "there's no blood in the World Series now for me, because I picked the Phillies in 7, but you know, I knew they were gonna win game 1 already." We've learned that Mike "this isn't a new format - we're just trying out people. We'll choose someone soon." What we haven't learned is whether or not someone took Mike's picture with a camera phone at dinner last night

ryan t. said...

We've learned Sirius is worth the investment.

Anonymous said...

we've learned that Mike is now irrelevant