Monday, October 20, 2008


It's Mike solo again. The Jets lost, Mike is fired up. Will he talk about the Rays? Or do we have to wait till next August? I am also curious about how Mike will view the Rays next year.

Does Joba's DUI prove that he should be a reliever? What did Mike think of Sarah Palin on SNL, you know he is going to talk about this today. He has to, we need to know what he thought. We need to know.

I am currently watching Mike on YES on mute. He is moving his hands a bit, not like the whirling dervish that is Christopher Russo, but he seems quite excitable.

Also, and we have not talked about this much, Mike's hair is pretty amazing. It is always perfectly styled. Do you think he goes with the foam moose or a more nourishing gel?

First Time Long Time is still in the AZ. GMAN AND I have our fantasy basketball draft tomorrow. Please feel free to offer us sleepers. We will not share the winnings with you.

Even with Mike on mute i can tell that he has yet to talk about the Rays.


TheNextBestThing1 said...

Why i cant join the league?


phil helmuth said...

Mike wants to make damn sure that everyone knows the Jets lost to a shitty Raiders team.

The Niners, on the other hand, are one player away from being a playoff team, and the Giants spanked them, despite all the penalties.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Just have one question?

Why is this show on a Monday afternoon this boring?


Anonymous said...

The Jets are todays Mets for Mike!

Lets break up the CORE!!!!!

Was there a baseball game played last night?

Hey Mikey-- any news out of the Yankees this weekend? Rumor has it young JOBA may have had one too many?

Typical solo Mike but still better than his David Wright bashing although the day is still young.

Mike was also correct in saying that Kotsay/Varitek left too many people on base this series. The 2 of them looked scared to swing the bat last night and when they did it was obvious their swings were left in Boston.

Just my 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

You can add the Oakland Raiders to the "Stink" list. They officialy, as of October 20th, 2008, STINK.

Brian said...

I just called Dog. Got to the call screener on one try. Spent about 10 seconds on hold and was talking to Chris is less than one minute overall....Does that say anything about how many people are listening to that show??

Great line from Doggy: "Joba's driving drunk around Nebraska? Ya don't see Lincecum doing that!"

Anonymous said...

Well, I only heard a bit of the show this afterlunch and I cannot argue with Mike today. I am a NYG but because I am seriously mentally challenged I placed a wager on the Jets of NY to triumph over the Raiders of Oakland by more than 3 points. Because of this silliness I watched the game and can confirm: Yes, the Raiders suck and yes, the Jets are poorly coached and poorly QB'ed.

Later, he'll tell us while Jason Bay wasn't knocking in 15 runs an inning in Game 7 of the ALCS, ManRam was curing crippled kids with his braids and pinetar stained helmet while solving global warming.

Gene said...

The good think about Dog's "national" audience is that he can get a loyal listenere on from Nebraska to break down the DWI for him.

You know, what's the blood/alcohol limit, what tests do they make you do, what are the likely penalties, etc.

Brian said...

Regarding your comment on Fatcessa's hair, he definitely has had some implants on his chromedome.

I can also say it's a very good possibility that he's had botox or some form of plastic surgery.