Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We know you all have opinions on who will win, who will lose and we know you want to share it with us because we are your friends, a brotherhood in fake names, except if you are named anonymous. Sharing brings us together. It bonds us. Remember show and tell and how great that felt? This is like that. Or not.

Here's the setup. We will take your picks but we will also stay true to the world of this blog. When making your picks you either have to do it in the voice of Mike or Chris, or using the phrases of Mike or Chris. I want to see "let's be fair" and "Omah told me" and "hold on now" and "tough spot" and "tricky spot" and "stinks" and "wonderful playa (a new Mike favorite)."

All picks should be amount of games as well as World Series MVP. Is there a prize, you might ask? But then you might think, why do i need a prize, the prize is the fun and feeling of companionship i get just writing on this blog. Even if i won a prize i would give it back because this site just makes me feel good. Go with that. Or with "there is no prize." But i think the first option feels better..

Let the picks begin


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Before getting to picks-
a) Like the new poll
b) How uncomfortable is this battle of egos between Francesa and Cashman? You can just tell how much Cashman hates Mike - and how he hates that Mike is just a talking head who acts like he knows all and points out all Cashman's mistakes. I love when Cashman challenges him on something with a question, ie repeating "When did Hughes get hurt, Mike?" three times in a row.

Just think it's weird how Mike has a love affair with the Mets GM but hates the Yankees GM

Anonymous said...

Dodgers Vs. Cubs- Dodger in 5, I was originally leaning towards picking Louie and the Cubbies to take this series. After some more thought i realized that I love Manny Ramirez and Joe Torre in a big and or tricky spot.

Phillies Vs. Brewers- Phillies in 4, I am hands down taking the phillies in this series because they have GAMERS!!!! Howard, Utley, Rollins ALL GAMERS!!! Everytime in a big spot they come through. I NEVER SEE DAVID WRIGHT DO THIS EVER!!!

Rays Vs. White Sox- White sox in 3, I am taking the white sox in this series because your going to have to talk to me next August to even talk about the rays. I cant go to crazy over the rays making the playoffs one year. Talk to me next august. I dont trust any of these players in a big spot.

Red Sox Vs. Angels- Angels in 5, I am taking this series because the angels always beat the yankees also the Red Sawks are without my lover Manny who is a knuckle head but is sucha clutch hitter in the big spot. The sox will struggle without him.

NLCS Phillies Vs. Dodgers, Dodgers in 7, This is tough for me. I was i n a real tricky spot for this pick. The Phillies and their gamers will come up just short. I happen to trust Torre, Manny and the whole bit in a bigger spot.


Angels Vs. White Sox, Angels in 5, The Angels will simply win cause they always beat the yankees. I also just cant go to crazy over the white sox in october ozzie guillen the whole bit.

World Series- Angels vs Dogders, Dodgers in 7, I am taking the Dodgers because of manny and torre are gamers and always win in a tricky spot. Although the angels always beat the yankees. The Manny factor puts the Dodgers over the top.

Mike Francesca OUT

loki said...

Yankees over Mets in the World Series.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Playoff Picks:

As Mike Francesa.
Phillies take care of the Brewers in 4. They have last three MVP's and Howard, the Phillies have to ascend to the next level and there time is now.

Torre over Louie in 5. Manny "my favorite" Ramirez and my favorite two managers slug it out to the bitter end. America is into it b/c of the Cubbies and i ll be into it, everyone will be into it.

White Sox over Rays b/c the Rays won the AL East and dont belong in the playoffs over the Yanks. The White Sox are experienced and have some gamers. Rays come close but get swept.

Angels over Red Sox in 5 b/c the Sox will have rued the day they traded Manny. Today is that day..

Dodjahs over Phillies b/c Manny is a bigger gamer than Howard Rollins and Utley combined. And i love Torre in a big spot over Manuel.


Angels over Sox in 6...Scocia is Italian and Ozzie is Latin American. Scocia is the best manager in baseball...They get it done.


WS: Dodjahs over Angels in 6 Torre sticks it to Yanks and wins in a battle of California. Oh did i say Scocia was the best manager in baseball i take that back its Torre and he manages the Dodjahs. And besides whoever Manny is on wins.

WS MVP: Manny and Torre split it. Torre being the first manager to win the coveted WS MVP.

Back after this...


TheNextBestThing1 said...

NBT's Picks:

Phillies over Brewers in 4.

Cubs over Dodgers in 5.

Rays over White Sox in 5. Kazmir big in Game 5.

Angels over Sox in 5.

Phils over Cubs in 6.

NLCS- Utley

Angels over Rays in 5.

Phils over Angels in 6.

WS MVP Howard..


Mark said...

I will go the opposite way, with Dog's picks.

Well we are live from Chicago ready for game 1 between the Cubbies, and Joe Torre's Dodgers. Did you here that Yanks fans Joe Torre in the playoffs while you guys are on your fanny's. Oh boy does not get much better then that.Now lets get to the Doggies playoff records. Apparently my ex partner didn't keep track of the over/unders so we will forget that for the time being.

Tough Series, I mean these are two gritty gutty teams. You got the Brewers with that Dale Sveum, who they love getting them into the playoffs. Phillies of course with Charlie Manuel. Now outside of Hamels I don't love the Phils pitching. Will CC break down? I mean who knows. I do not repeat DO NOT trust Brett Myers in a big spot, just look at his 2 last starts. Brewers keep the running going in 4 games.

This town is pumped up for October baseball, and now let me say this I love Joe, but this team is a disaster. Trust me I have seen them enough playing the Giants. I mean you get Manny out, and you win this series. This Dodgers lineup is weak, I don't like the pitching, and you have to love the Cubs bullpen. I'm not picking them because I am here hahahahha.
Cubs in 3 games

White Sox/Rays
I mean does anyone care about this series? I sure as heck don't. I love the job Joe Madden did, and anyone knocking the Yanks out is a friend of the Doggy. Sox showeed lots of spunk in getting here, but I love the Rays young arms.
Rays in 4 games

This is your best series, and I will be into at 10 o'clock tonight. Pitching favors the Angels now with Beckett getting only 1 start, but who knows. Sox play great at Fenway, and I just think the grittyness of the Sox, and the advantage of playing at Fenway in October gets the job done. Sox steal 1 in La or Anaheim or wherever they play, and it Sox in 4 games

Anonymous said...

Phils/Brewahs- Phils in 4. Howahd has been clutch this Septembah. Could you remembah any playah havin a Septembah like Howahd that wasn't wearing pinstripes? Utley is a proven gamah. Nevah mind he could not touch da ball last Octobah, he is a GAMAH!! Jon Heyman tells me to hate the Brewahs, they have nothing after Sabathia, who is not Santana folks, lllll..lets calm down.

Dodgahs/Cubbies- Dodgahs in 5
Joe makes it back to da postseason with the Dodgahs, who look great with the kid in cennah field, and the kid on the mound. Joe and Donny did a beautiful job with this team. This idear that Joe Torre isn't Joe Torre is absurd. The kid behind the plate isn't Johnny Bench but he will give Louies guys some trouble.

bigjf said...

Boy I tell ya, the Phillies have to get past the first round this year after being there 2 years in a row...HAVE TO....Sabathia in Game 2, Myers stinks...he's a headcase, I can't figure him out...then they have the off day, Moyer in Game 3 on Saderdee, and knowing the Brewers, that bullpen is TERRIBLE, you'll see Sabathia again in Game 4 on 3 days rest, heck you might see him again the next day in Game 5 (*laughs uncontrollably*) OH BABYYYY! I will take the Phillies in 5 because they got Hamels and a good bullpen, pretty good lineup too...Brewers wouldn't even be there if the Flunkies from Flushing didn't choke it up again..little tweaking there for you METS FANS! And don't think I forgot about you Yankees fans, heheh, those stinkos in the Bronx aren't worth mentioning. Brian Cashman's back...Hey Brian, go hard after AJ Burnett and watch him give you Carl Pavano II!!! What'll the payroll be next season, 500 million??? 3 Trillion???? Ya think I'm trading Lincecum to you for Robbie Cano? Think again!!!! Think again.

Eddie, go find my Devil Rays hat.

Tampah and the White Sox is a FASCINATING series, I think. I think the injury to that White Sox kid, that MVP candidate...what's his name? Quantum? Quarantine? Quantin. That's it. They'll miss him in this series, Griffey, you worry about him a bit but I could see him falling off the table. Rays have great pitching and a good bullpen. Kazmir, Shields, and Garza...Devil Rays sweep this one.

Dodgers and the Cubbies...Ya know, if the Cubs blow this one, they should quit. DON'T COME BACK NEXT YEAR! Win this one, WOULD YA PLEEEZE!? GEE WHIZ!! I mean, you've got as good a team as ever against a team that couldn't get out of its own way all season, AND YOU LOSE THE FIRST GAME 7-2!! Dempster with a huge season and he couldn't give them anything in that first game? He's a disgrace. Disgrace! Disgrace. And if I see Manny hit another home run this series I'm going to hurl. You cannot let him swing the bat this series. Cannot. Can NOT. I understand the Dodgers can be dangerous in a short series, but if the Cubs blow this thing it will be an absolute EMBARRASSMENT! I'll pick Cubs in 5, even though I think if they lose another game they should be ashamed of themselves.

Angels and Red Sox? I could not care less. It's the same thing every year. I would expect the Red Sox to win this one, but I'll go against my instincts this year and pick the Angels in 5 games, because I think Beckett is going to make the difference in this series. I don't think he's healthy. But I could CARE LESS about this series, and that game was played way too late last night, by the way, I couldn't even watch it. And do I need these sideline interviews with that dopey reporter? Sager? Get lost. Shut up and let me watch the damn good, will ya? Geez...

ALCS, that gives me the Brew...uh, Rays against the White...Angels. That's a tough pick. I'd be rooting for Tampah, but I think the Angels will win it. I'll pick the Devil Rays for the upset in 5 games because I want to see them in the World Series, hurt those Yankee fans a little bit...

National League? I gotta take the Cubs, even though they annoyed me last night. I know baseball's rooting for them as well. Talk about huge ratings for the World Series! Cubs over Phillies in 5.

And I will pick the Cubs to end this stupid, ridiculous curse already...come on, ENOUGH ALREADY! World Series, Cubs win over the Rays, let's say 5 games. Ya want it to happen in Wrigley still...

OK, we'll take a break...give you the flash, Toyota has the update, here's Mink.

bigjf said...

(And Chris would probably pick Soriano as the WS MVP, but that's a tough spot for him because he doesn't know the players that well so it's tricky...)