Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The White Stuff

Evan asked Mike to give him 2 trades that would be realistic for David Wright. Roberts pointed out that the Cards ain't trading Pujols for Wright and he challenged the big man to give him two realistic deals, to which Mike could not provide even one. The following exchange then ensued:

Mike: Almost every team has a David Wright

Evan: That's ridiculous.

Mike: Who do you think David Wright is?

Evan: He's a special player.

Mike: Special in what way?

Evan: The guy hits 30 homeruns, drives in 100 runs. He's a constant..

Mike: The guy looked like a deer in the headlights in the last week...the idea that he's the leader of the team went out the window. I don't he think he's the leader of anything..why does everybody take David Wright and throw him to the forefront, because he's white?

Mike..just please admit that you have a personal vendetta against Wright. You are so transparent with this stuff...


Anonymous said...

he said "every team has a david wright"

TheNextBestThing1 said...

From Astoria, NY and the studios at CNN, we start with tonight presidential debate...Mike get the hell outta here with this shit. And is it me or does Mike sound like he is a Republican, which i thought. Mike sounds like he is an McCain adviser. Please loyal listeners do not let Fatcesa sway your votes..


Anonymous said...

How many times does Francessa say "the point of the matter is".

He's such a fat blowhard.

First Time, Long Time said...

the point of the matter is that sometimes you have to kill airtime before you can get to the point where you make ridiculous statements.

Anonymous said...

The point of the matter is Mike's always right, and when you big to differ with him or try to argue against his thoughts, he then needs to TELL you what the point of the matter is.

bigjf said...

I haven't been watching, but having Evan on could lead to Mike's downfall because Mike has been getting exposed in a bad way the past two days. Mike has no rationale, and Evan has plenty (even though he's not always right). Mike must hate Evan even worse than Dog now. At least Dog let Mike run wild with his ego.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Wow Evan is getting fired up and coming back at Mike...Lets go Evan! Although he is about to lose his job at WFAN cuz he argued on air on with Mike...Remind you of something! Great job Evan..


Anonymous said...

The point of the matter is that Wright is a nice playah, nothing more. He's no Derek Jeter, he's no A-Rod. He's not. He just isn't. He's nothing more. He's a nice playah. That's it. Nothing more. Lisa from Whitestone, you're on the FAN...

TheNextBestThing1 said...

How the hell is Wright not being the best third baseman in his city a fucking relevant point...New York is the only city off hand that i know has two fucking teams in the city, and i hate David Wright but Mike is way over the top with this.


TheNextBestThing1 said...

First its Manny vs Ortiz, now its Wright vs Longoria..


Repoz said...

Can they please get someone in there that can challenge Francesspool with stats?!

Evan the Puppethead says nothing as Mike is an easy mark for Sabermetricians.

"I'm not a slave to stats."

"He has an OPS of over ONE"

NOBODY SAYS THAT...IT'S "OVER A 1.000" shitblooper.

THe stoopid is endless.

Repoz said...

Evan is using Wining Pct. as a stat hammer!

Lord Tango, help us!

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Mike from Montclair and Mike having a nasty on-air fight right now. MfM sounds a little jealous

But I did like his move to challenge Francesa by saying "by your logic Angels should trade Guerrero and Cubs should trade Soriano"

Hey-now! Threatens Mike with a Satellite radio subscription gift he's getting from his bro and sis.
Hahaha that was good / weird

TheNextBestThing1 said...

WOW, Mike from Montclair, deserves some serious kudos..He just called and slammed Fatcesa..He all of people surprised me with the call. He constantly would call up to kiss mike's ass. Just told mike i dont need to listen to crap, and he is getting his subscription to Sirius for his 50th birthday. Mike from Montclair says he d listen to evan and joe, and Mike goes im still here. What an ego maniac. Now you can tell Mike is pissed cuz now he is still on this Mike from Montclair call five minutes later. Now he wants to rip him for being a frustrated talk show host.. Now Mike, just said he would never let a caller join him, what the Fuck was the fiasco at BAR A then you fat bastard...

One Important Exchange:

Mike F: You would run into do a show with me if i asked you to come in tomorrow."

Mike M: Im not so sure about that Mike."

Fatcesa had his feelings hurt..Great call! Had to post it twice it was that big of a call..

John Q said...

Mike is such an incredible Tool.

He's has no program so he has to go into a idiotic topic like trading Wright.

Go back and compare his numbers with other third basemen at his age. He's on a George Brett career path.

He would have won the MVP if the Mets didn't colapse last year.

Then when a caller brings up informantion like this, Mike says: "I don't go for numbaaas"

What?? He doesn't go for numbers that don't back up his points is what he should have said.

And When did anything less than a World Series Championship become unacceptable??

By Mike's retarded logic, the Royals would have traded Brett in 1979 and the Phillies would have traded Mike Schmidt the same year because both players never went to a World Series?

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

Francessa has been intolerable these last few days with Joe & Evan. Why did he have them on if all he was gonna do was belittle them, their ideas and, and their teams. Was that his reason??? What was upper management's role in all of this and will they ultimately do? This is his worst day yet.

John Q said...

I can't believe how lazy and cheap this station has become.

Dog left 2 months ago, he was threating to leave about 4 months ago and the best thing they could come up with is Mike and Evan, Joe, Ed Coleman, Kim, or Carlin talking about breaking up the Cohhhr??

I could just see Mike circa 1979.

Mike 1979: George Brett's nevaa won anything. He's nevaa got to a World Series. The Royals got to trade him, break up the core.

Generic co-host 1979: I don't agree Mike, he's young and he's a great player.

Mike 1979: We'll then your a fool.

Mike 1979: You mean you wouldn't trade George Brett for the Cy Young award winner Mike Flanagan??

Generic co-host: No, I wouldn't Mike. George Brett is a great position player and he's young.

Mike 1979: We'll then your a fool or an idiot take your pick.

Mike 1979: Were back.

Anonymous said...

First, to the author and moderator of this blog: 1000 thank you's dear sir. I am glad I stumbled upon your little corner of the interwebs. Next, I am fully behind repoz. Can someone, anyone shut Mike's Mouth with some real stats? You'd think a young buck like Evan would be able to at least demonstrate that Wright is, at worst, the same level offensive player as Youk. Add in that he's 3 years younger and signed to a VERY reasonable contract makes him even more attractive, to any team. How does MF get to keep his job when he makes statements like, "I don't look at stats. I look to see what they do in a big game, in a big spot."

Anyway, dear blogger, keep up the good work!