Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here are your options:

1. Phillies clinching and Joe Torre and Manny are out
2. Joe the Plumber: (i am betting a lot of money on this and by a lot of money i mean pretend Monopoly money because I got lots of hotels on Park Place)
3. Trading David Wright
4. Why there is no new show?
5. The Sirius stock price
6. Rutgers football
7. Playing clips of Mike from Montclair's podcasts and criticizing all of them
8. His favorite posts from Mike and the Mad Blog.
9. Himself
10. The insane night of love making he had

What are you going with?

(by the way, I know at times readers dislike our strong opinions about Mike but everyone needs to know that if he did a good radio show, we promise to write that as well. We actually don't want the show to suck. We spend a lot of time listening and writing about the show. It would nice for it to be entertaining. But Mike has made promises. He has not kept them. He spoke of a new show, a new partner, a new jingle, a new soft drink (green tea). None of these things have happened. And as you can tell by the calls, we are not the only one noticing.)


loki said...

Did Mike go to the debate last night? He had mentioned it a few weeks ago and said he was going to use his connections to get in. I didn't listen much yesterday. Did he say anything about going?

If he did go, then he will definitely bring that up first. If not, expect him to bring up Torre.

Anonymous said...

I feel pretty strongly that he'll come in with a new purpose. After poring over pages and pages of Baseball Prospectus stats I am sure he'll change his position on the Wright situation. While knocking back a Diet Coke he'll proceed to dazzle his audience with an ironclad argument for Wright's dominance using VORP, EqA and OPS. Then, he'll renounce McCain and proclaim, "Bill James for President!" Or, he'll just hint about how he had to sneak out of Hofstra to avoid being bludgeoned by the press for his take on the debate.

John Q said...

Mike's turned into an old crotchety man with little or no patience for anyone who doesn't agree with him 100%

Also, any caller under the age of 30 he treats with contempt.

Saying something like "Every team has a David Wright" is just ridiculous. Then when someone calls him to challenge him on this stupid statement, he turns around and belittles that person.

To use fantasy baseball as an example. People wager huge sums of money in these leagues and I gurantee you that in 99% of them David Wright was chosen no lower than 10th overall. In most leagues he was probably chosen in the top 5 players.

People aren't in the habit of throwing money away. If every team literally had a David Wright, then he wouldn't have been chosen among the top ten player in Major league baseball.

Whatdoyouhave? said...
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Whatdoyouhave? said...
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