Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Talk Show Host

Listening to Mike interview Jim Haslett, he asked Jim about “the quarterback.” It occurred to me that much in the same way that Mike uses Vegas odds as a measuring stick for what will happen in life, he also will only refer to athletes or management by the title of their position. It’s always:

“the running back”
“the shortstop”
“the centerfielder”
“the owner”
“the closer”
“the kid” (short for rookie)
“the coach”
“the point guard”

That got me wondering to why Mike does this. I feel there must be a deeper psychological reason behind this. That somehow when Francesa does this, he is making himself superior to the person. By not using their real names, they are in fact just pieces in Mike’s chess board of life. “If the kid doesn’t get the job done, then the coach has got to move the centerfielder to his spot..” It’s all a game with moving pieces. I really think there is a condescending nature to the way Mike addresses these people when he uses these simple titles. It’s almost as if by doing so, he separates himself from them on a personal level and can then carry out any verbal attack he so pleases. But by using their names more often, it creates a tougher bond to break. “The closer doesn’t know when to shut his mouth” comes off a lot less personal than “Billy Wagner doesn’t know when to shut his mouth.” What do you think? The blogger wants to know...


loki said...

Uh oh Mike just unloaded on some guy about America and their credit system. I think his name was Harvey.

wtsherman said...

I'm liking this Mike diatribe against Congress/Kucinich/Dem complicity in the credit fiasco.

Bad News for America: Cellphone cameras or a blowhard Congress. Mike got one one right!

ezra said...

I totally agree. Not referring to players by name is Mike's arrogance in a nutshell, as though they're not important enough for him to even learn their names.

And he's also been resting on his laurels for quite a while, especially since his new contract, so surely there are many cases where he simply doesn't know their names.

Gene said...

Mike learned this from his idol Parcells. Parcells did it to keep the players aware that they were all just replaceable cogs in his system.

Mike does it because he will do anything Parcells does. Anything. If Parcells tells Mike tonight that cell phone cameras are great, you will get an hour from Mike tomorrow on this very helpful technology.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't read too much into this ... a lot of the times he really doesn't know their name ,, he'll say "the kid" ,, struggle for a a couple seconds and then later use their name

newyorknewyork said...

I miss the days when Mike was not simulcasting on YES. Who really cares what the opinion of some fan in some podunk Kansas town is of the Yankees? Listen to your own 24 hour all sports talk station, if there is any. Leave ours alone. Go away. Go harvest something. Stop calling into a NEW YORK based radio show. Stop being so damn sensitive. Who gives a crap if Mike calls a player "the Kid" or "Centerfielduh" I mean, really is this what this blog has come to? Mike might be an arrogant, wanna be celebrity, but he is OUR arrogant wanna be celebrity. Go listen to the Jim-Bob Talks Cornhuskers hour. It is on right after the John Deere Tractor hour. If you are to sensitive to listen to a New York show, stop watching on YES.

First Time, Long Time said...

newyorknewyork..welcome. First, I am not from Kansas. second, to your point about "is this what this blog has come to" - I personally believe this habit of Mike referring to people as "the" speaks VOLUMES about his personality and thus I deemed it fit for a post...But the bigger question here is how in the world was it this post that finally drew you to comment on this blog? Did it bother you that much? Anyway, keep commenting and enjoy the blog. By the way, what's the weather in Topeka today?

newyorknewyork said...

Thank you for the Welcome. I am not from Topeka,I am from Queens. I listened to WFAN 66 AM from day one. I was listening during Susan's first broadcast. I actually live near the station. I have been reading your blog from the beginning. I loved it at first. It seemed like the blog for first time listeners. It seemed it was a blog for fans. I could not wait to hear your opinions about their opinions. Than they split. For a while your blog seemed to be pushing to improve Mike...but never returned to the original context of being for the fans, especially the first time listeners. It sort of turned into Mike bashing. Like tough love for Mike to help him not be arrogant doushe. So I keep checking the blog hoping one day it will return to original form. So, yes that post "The Talk Show Host" was the proverbial straw. You stated you are not from Kansas. Fine. That particular state was not meant to be taken literally. Just substitute the word "Kansas" for wherever it is you are. Just be funny again.

bigjf said...

So the blog suffers because Mike's show suffers...As we were saying, it's on Francesa to take the ball, ala Greg Maddux, and turn back time...A co-host is the first step.