Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have not blogged today because i have been doing that thing we like to call.. work. I finally got home, turned on the tv, saw that the Phillies vs Cubs game had not started yet, so I turned to YES to catch the final minutes of Francesa on the Fan, Mike'd Up, Big Ego Small Room, you name it. I turn it on thinking i wonder what Mike is talking about. What is he talking about as my tv lands on YES and he and Sal having special time together? POLITICS.

This got me enraged. I probably need to do some work in therapy that Mike Francesa brings forth this reaction. Maybe a few of us can go together. A support group of sorts. Or maybe just a therapist can work on the blog. We will figure out.. Back to my rage.

WHY IS THIS DUDE TALKING POLITICS? Mike, your show is on WFAN not CNN. If i wanted to listen to someone talk politics then I would change the channel. Mike, when you watch the debate tonight and the post game analysis do you think that they are going to talk about the baseball playoffs? THEY WON'T. I don't care if you are the smartest political mind since someone who had a smart political mind, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOU TALKING POLITICS. Isn't your show divisive enough with your Wright and Reyes nonsense? Do you really have to add politics into it? You are clearly a Republican and that is fine. I don't care. I actually would be glad to not even know that. Your political views don't matter to me. Here's the deal Mike, I will listen to you talk sports, the minute you say something political I'm out.

NEXT.. After Mike's political discussion, which from what I hear has been going on all day, Mike says this about David Wright after a caller accuses Mike of doing Omar's bidding and trying to sway public opinion.
"Omar will never trade David Wright."
SO THEN WHY THE F have we been going through this nonsense for days upon days upon days? Yes, i know that he wants to create controversy and push buttons, but why not say that he knows that Omar is not going to trade him?

ANOTHER ONE: Funny thing that Mike said during this time. AMAZING how 10 minutes can piss me off so much. He said that the Brewers bullpen was every bit as bad as the Mets bullpen. And then he said..
"You can look it up."
WELL MIKE, FUNNY THAT YOU SAID THAT BECAUSE THE OTHER DAY I ACTUALLY DID LOOK IT UP (i am lying, a friend who works at a baseball stats company looked it up).

STAT #1: Blown Saves
Mets: 29
Brewers: 26

STAT #2: Most losses with a blown lead:
Mets: 44
Brewers: 35
I'm not great with numbers but i believe that stat shows that the Brewers bullpen was not as bad as the Mets.

Mike don't let numbers or facts get in the way of the bombasity. I understand that there is no room for facts in that studio that holds you, the 7 kegs of Diet Coke, your ego, 156 handwaves, and the Racing Forum.

I have no idea what would have happened to me if i listened to the entire show. I might have imploded.


loki said...

Someone needs to get laid...

(P.S. I thought your day job was blogging?)

bald bull said...

It seems like Mike is trying to reinvent himself, as though Dog was the uneducated savant who could only talk sports. Mike, on the other hand, can talk sports, politics, literature, history, film, music, etc.

Anonymous said...

I think you're nitpitcking a little here. The Brewers bullpen is clearly horrible. 3 blown saves over 162 games doesn't make that much of a difference.

gman26 said...

Anon - Considering the Brewers edged the Mets out of a playoff spot on the final day, I think it's pretty obvious that it made a difference.

lt sam weinberg said...

it is the combination of blown leads and blown saves. i agree loki, please taco up.

wtsherman said...

"I probably need to do some work in therapy that Mike Francesa brings forth this reaction."

lol, why do we try? and yet we do! would sisyphus be so determined if the rock he was pushing had fatcesa-esque tonnage?

TheNextBestThing1 said...

The brewers bullpen is better b/c they have Sabathia in it. But he did get shelled today, how many times can u throw a guy on short rest before it catches up to him..


TheNextBestThing1 said...

I know im four days late but i just saw a clip of Mike rippin the Mets on monday, thats Francesa at his best..


bigjf said...

Mike did say the other day he votes independently, which I assumed meant he votes on his own, as opposed to being assisted into the booth via forklift and lubricant. Apparently he meant it as he doesn't just vote for one party, that he listens to the facts...but since we know Mike never listens to facts, he must vote Republican. Ok, I'm done...

wtsherman said...

"Mike did say the other day he votes independently, which I assumed meant he votes on his own, as opposed to being assisted into the booth via forklift and lubricant."