Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Fake Debate

Mike and Kim Jones went at it pretty good last segment over how the Packers handled the Brett Favre situation. At times, Mike got somewhat heated. Kim did not back down either. You could see that this was one of the first times that Mike really had to argue with someone since the Dog left the pound. Some people listening might have said this was very good radio. But here's the thing: towards the end of the argument, Mike let up a bit and joked with Kim. Mike did not go for the jugular as he would have with Russo. When the segment ended on YES, you could see Mike was smiling. If it was Dog on the other side, both men wouldn't have even glanced at each other and would have gone to their separate corners during the break. But not the case here and I found myself asking "why?" My best answer is that Mike is intimidated by the "somewhat" attractive Kim Jones and doesn't want to come off as a complete and utter bully. He wants to show her that he can be a good guy. That she can like him. That's why after the break, Mike told the audience that Roe called in and informed him that Kim Jones destroyed Mike in that argument. Do you think that call would have EVER happened back when Dog was here? So that brings me to my point. This Brett Favre debate was certainly heated, animated, contentious..BUT it was a Fake Debate in my mind. We did not see the REAL Mike Francesa. The guy that would never let up in an argument. The guy that would never end the exchange with a joke. The guy that would never admit he might have been wrong about something. We saw Mike Francesa Light...Same Taste. Less Filling.


Anonymous said...

Do you think it's possible that a show with Carlin can last 2 hours without talking about his weight or baldness?


Showtime1 said...

Yea why Carlin's weight even a concern when Francesa weighs a metric ton his damn self.


Anonymous said...

the Carlin / Francesa dynamic is something I could listen to all day.

1fanLG said...

Hate to admit it, but Mike and Kim are actually not horrible, but you will need Carlin as the glue to keep that together--is glue made out of fat?

wtsherman said...


Now, this is very interesting for the following reason. In "softening" Fatcesa, isn't Kim Jones in a sense accomplishing this blog's raison d'etre?

Namely, bridling Mike's arrogance, humbling him, effacing his ego a bit - the fairer sex doing what other men couldn't, endowing Mike with a soul. Has music soothed The Most Savage Beast?

I haven't been listening (nor watching, so I can't opine on her pulchritude) but if she's half decent either way, is she the missing piece to the Mike'd Up puzzle? I remember last year in June when Mad Dog and Tankcesa were listening to clips of her on-air debut at the station and Mike was willing to allow that she had potential, that she wasn't atrocious. Was Mike smitten from day one?

A few questions now follow. First, would Fatcesa permit the last vestiges of his "credibility" in sports talk to be razed by being partnered with a chick? especially if it's she who rejuvenates ratings that are saggier than Mike's breasts? Could Mike maintain this level of civility with Jones in tough spots, ie on the Yanks?

I can imagine you, FTLT, staring at the YES simulcast, tearing up, sweaty, bothered, end of your rope - the spitting image of Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman when he is doing push-ups in the mud and Gosset Jr. is gonna kick him out. The officer training school is to Gere's character what Mike's inexorable irascibility is to you. You see it could all be over and all you can do is break down, shouting, pleading: "Don't you do it! Don't you do it! It's all I got!!!!"

wtsherman said...

Or, is a better movie reference to the "Kim Jones Quandary" Fat Bastard (ironically enough) from Austin Powers 2. To paraphrase:

"I hate [Mike] cause I love. And I love because I hate. It's a vicious cycle really."

First Time, Long Time said... gots to help me with this word: pulchritude? That's a big one...But to answer your initial question. While the opposite sex thing is indeed limiting Mike's arrogance, I think this is more of an act on his part..I think this is him not trying to be bully that he is often perceived as. I think it is him saying "ha" to all those out there that thought I would destroy a Kim Jones type of person. Plus, like it or not, Mike has always treated females differently on the show. A female callers always gets a "thanks for the call" and the handwave is a lot slower to develop. So you might say, isn't that the point - having a female like Kim Jones is making Mike a more tolerable personality? I don't see it that way because I don't buy this version of Francesa. I'm just not sold this is who he really is...I don't think you can rid yourself of the arrogance, rudeness, condescension just like that...

wtsherman said...

Thanks for the reply.

My point is: who cares if its an act? Mike will still make his points but a female partner would "cap" his condescending arrogance. Isn't this a case where the end (a less assholish Francesa) is justified by any means?

Or do we just want Mikey, in all his unadulterated, assholish glory?

First Time, Long Time said...

I feel like I need him in his assholish glory...but that's just me.

Anonymous said...


I think I agree with you.