Tuesday, October 14, 2008


In 1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy produced a piece of paper that he claimed contained a list of known Communists working for the US State Department. The list was never shown, but instead used as a loaded weapon to wield political power and foment anti-communist hysteria, better known as McCarthyism.

The last 6 weeks has seen Francesa use the same tactic. In the first week of his solo show, he told us about 'numerous calls from industry people interested in this show.' His boast made it sound like Bryant Gumbel and Bob Costas were jockeying for Dog's spot. So after listening to auditions from existing hosts like Chris Carlin and Joe Benigno, I'm assuming those were all internal WFAN calls.

Francesa also made a big deal about a much anticipated jingle. We're still waiting for the jingle company to come back from vacation, because nothing has materialized. And as far as naming names, Mike's done an awful job. Some days, he's Francesa on the Fan. Others it's Mike'd Up Francesa on the Fan.

Today, Mike told us about the huge number of listeners who had in one way or other expressed their desire to be Mike's host. He said there were 'literally hundreds of people' who have expressed an interest in working with Mike and marveled at 'some of the things that they have done'. McCarthy also would throw out numbers of communists working in the government, but there was never any proof.

Now we don't know exactly what Senator McCarthy's motivations were but the end result was public fear of a red menace embedded in our society. The end result of Mike's mysterious proclamations has obviously been less dramatic. But his motives are all too apparent. Francesa needs a balm for his wounded ego after botching the Mad Dog exit strategy. The knives have been out for him and the bully has retreated to his corner. So now, he's tried to pump up his self-importance by exaggerating his likability and market value. Mike, why not spend your energy for actually working to improve the show, instead of making hollow statements?

Senator McCarthy was another bully. And like most bullies they get punched in the mouth and retreat. Joseph Welch supplied his fist to McCarthy's face when he famously asked, 'Have you no sense of decency, sir?' McCarthy was censured and drank himself to death.

What will Mike's fate be? He obviously has taken a fall from grace. Not the McCarthy kind, but in the New York radio world, he is no longer king shit of fuck mountain. Hopefully he can rally for a happy ending. But right now, he hasn't shown much sense and at best has been decent.


bigjf said...

Haha, he has sounded like some jealous ex-boyfriend who makes up all these different girls he's dated or had sex with when he bumps into his ex...or to take it down a notch, he sounds like some loser who once had success, let it go to his head, believed the success was all due to him, and is trying desperately to keep everyone believing that he still is a success, like captain of the cheerleading squad in high school.

John Q said...

I though Mike said he was never going to have a co-host after Dog left?

I guess he realized he can't spend the whole program reading the racing forms and taking 15 minute bathroom breaks when he works alone.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

wow on the Vegas post we now have guys dropping advertisements for vegas sites... Sketch

Gene said...

I cannot wait for the first ratings book to come out with Mike as a solo. Guarantee it will show a significant drop. How will Mike explain it?

My guess is that he will say that you can't expect the show to hold the ratings without a jingle and since the jingle guys have been on vacation for three months Mike has done all that is humany possible.

bigjf said...

Seeing as the Rays have knocked out Wakefield early now, Mike will turn the Rays triumph into his triumph, since he did say that Wakefield wouldn't be good on 2 weeks rest. Not exactly going out on a limb, but Mike will pat himself on his back titties for predicting it. So now any future success the Rays have, Mike will pretend he called it.

Gene said...


Just like Mike said, Tampa is tight as a drum. Their inexperience is certainly a factor.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Everyone is right. The ratings will suck. This live on-air try-out shit sucks. But it is better than Mike solo. Or Chris solo. It needs to be a team.

Eddy C. I loved Coleman & the Soul Man. But there is a reason you are so much better in your present gig. As has been pointed out here, Ed said "I Agree Mike" 1,438,523 times.

Evan Roberts is an amazing talent and voice at a young age. That he does a midday show at his age in the #1 market says it all. He is destined for greatness. But not with Mike. Mike is serious. Evan is serious. We need funny.

Joe B. is the best. Mike was really tough on him. Yet Joe is SO good, Mike should rethink this. He is funny. He is passionate. He is New York. He doesn't root for SF Giants. Mike you drove Hoe mad. Why? Next to Sid, whicjh they won't let you do, you can't do better.

Kim was great. Chris not. Kim is not enough alone.

Here's a concept. There are 273 sports stations in the US. Not one could do this show? Not Michael Wilpon? Not anybody but a current employee?

I spent 20 years in radio. This sh&t still shocks me...

bigjf said...

bud, short of Mike himself (and I guess Boomer as well), it doesn't seem to me that WFAN likes to hand out the big checks to go recruit some big on-air personality, unlike ESPN. Which is amazing, that the #1 sports radio station depends on these makeshift, "homegrown" guys, and in Benigno's case, out of the blue wannabe nobodies. It's worked for them so far, but after parting ways with Russo and Imus all within 2 years, you'd think they'd have some extra payroll to attract an established personality or two. And I understand that's isn't going to come from ESPN because they have no compete clauses, which I assume works both ways, but get some big name in there to push Fatcesa out of the "prime real estate" slot! You're a part of NBC, for cryin out loud! You can't get any better than this!?

I think, like Mike, WFAN has rested on the Imus and Mike and the Mad Dog gravy trains for all these years, and now the station could be in just as much trouble as Francesa. That's just me, though. From what I see, they've lucked out with some likeable personalities such as Joe and Evan, Somers, Boomer, Ed Randall, and even Richard Neer (and if you want to throw in people like Carlin and Jones, Moose, the update people, beat reporters, etc.), but I think the station is utilizing these guys the wrong way.

gabagool said...

JM got a bad rap. All the bullshit people say about him is all emotional heresay. None of those assholes who crucify him know the slightest thing about him because IF they did, they would realize that he was right on more often than not