Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mike Hits the Trifecta

Congrats go out to Mike Francesa for nailing the Trifecta yesterday. Mikey predicted the following:

1. A tight Tampa Bay team that would be overwhelmed by playing in Boston
2. A strong start from Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester because he was dominant at home
3. A 2-3 touchdown victory margin for the Giants over the Browns. The Giants "juggernaut" Mike suggested, would be far too much for Cleveland to handle.

So Mike. Nice work nailing this Trifecta. No one makes predictions like you...


Gene said...

Here is Mike's things when he misses a prediction:

NO ONE expected it. He will say it if the Rays win the World Series. The difference is that everyone else in the world at least allows a 1% or better chance for an upset or the unlikely to happen. In Mike's mind, somethign against his opinion cannot happen.

That is why he is an idiot. A smart person would at least allow for the possibility that they can be wrong.

First Time, Long Time said...

Gene..yep..whenever Mike is wrong he says "No one expected it" yet when he is right you will never hear him say "Everyone expected it"

Peteski said...

"Dark days are coming."

Gene said...

And when someone (our host) actually did expect it and called and told him they expected it, like with the Rays. He calls them an idiot and says talk to me in August.

Then he calls back in August and Mike tells him again that he thinks Tampa will win and Mike says there is a long way to go and Tampa has no chance to win the World Series.

Still, if they do, Mike will say NO ONE expected it.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

And we are surprised that it's just "Mike being Mike"? It is not an enduring quality. But if Miuke were as bad as you seem to think, he would not have invented the modern day sports talk show and won a Marconi.

That said his short term memories and his picks suck.