Thursday, October 16, 2008



I tuned it at 1:11 and my first thought was:
"Who is this guy in the split screen starring at Mike?"

I kept watching at 1:13 and my second thought was:
"Who is this guy in the split screen starring at Mike and is he going to speak?"

I kept watching at 1:15 and my third thought was (after looking it up):
"Why the F is Frank Isola the co-host today and is he actually a mute?"

I continued to watch at 1:16 and my fourth thought was:
"Who the F is the Yankee that died that Mike is rambling about?"
(answer Tom Tresh which means calls from old people today)

I was still watching, somehow at 1:18 and my fifth thought was:
"Thank God, FRANK ISOLA SPEAKS! But it seems he is only allowed to interview Mike."

I was still watching at 1:19 and my sixth thought was:
"Has Mike finally found the perfect co-host. Someone who just will sit there, say nothing, maybe ask Mike a question or two, offer no opinions and be happy to be there.?"

Honestly friends of Mike and the Mad Blog, I think we are hitting bottom with Miked Up Francesa on the Fan, Mike and Whichever WFAN Personality Is Forced to Co-Host or Mike and the Random Sports Journalist SHOW... The show has no rhythm, Mike has clearly lost his footing without Dog, he has no idea how to manage this show and he worst of all HAS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT.

Frank Isola looks like a nice guy. He was spied on by Jim Dolan's crew while covering the Knicks, so that's a plus for him. But he has the look of another unfortunate recent participant of the co-host Merry Go Round, Agreeable Eddie C. This is not good.


Anonymous said...

Can someone please ask Mike if David Wright refused to come on his show?

If he says yes, he will be exposed and no follow-up questions are even needed.

I've tried but i cannot get through. FTLT, how about you? you've gotten through before. you'd be a hero to all Americans.

loki said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. The guy rarely speaks and when he does it is usually pointless and adds nothing to the conversation. Going from Roberts to this idiot is a huge change in personality and mood. Bad move by WFAN.

pip said...

To quote The Dude asking about the creepy German artist, "Who the fuck is this guy?"

Anonymous said...


I still don't know who Frank Isola is?

Was he a Bar A winner?

Bad Job with the introduction Mike!


repoz said...

AS usual, Francesspool with a load of mistakes...

"Joe Pepitone was out of baseball by 1969"

As I wrote over at Primer...

"I guess being traded to the Astros could be construed as being out of baseball...but he did hang around until '73 with Cubbies (where he had his best season in '71)/Braves."

John Q said...

This is a great slef-indulgent topic for Mike (Tom Tresh) because anyone under the age of 48 will have no memory of him.

Then Mike can go on and on how only baby boomers know about baseball.

Did you ever notice that Mike speaks most of the time in the second person?

Mike: When YOU were that age Mantle was YOUR guy.

Mike: YOU thought Tresh was gonna take his place but he didn't. YOU wanted him to be the next Mantle but it nevaa happened.

Mike: YOU went to school and baseball was YOUR sport.

Paul said...

Frank Isola is the NY Knicks beat writer for the NY Daily News. Also mhas appeared on the SNY cable TV show "Daily News Live" (5PM weekdays). Also on NBA Radio.