Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, now that Mike has buried the Yankees and told us that the jingle is still in the works, what's left to talk about? Of course, Bronson Arroyo:

"You know I got a lot of grief for bringing up Bronson Arroyo. Bronson Arroyo's won 13 games on a team that's 16 games under .500. You're telling me he couldn't have helped the Yankees?"

Uhh, Mike sometimes "wins" don't really tell the whole story. Take a closer look at your boy Bronson's numbers:

4.97 ERA, 1.46 WHIP, 186 hits allowed in 166 innings, 25 home runs allowed. .285 Batting Average against

Yep Mike. Having a pitcher with those numbers and then brining him to THE AL would have changed EVERYTHING. Certainly then, Arod wouldn't have hit into so many double plays.


bigjf said...

Based on that, the Yanks should have never gotten rid of Randy Johnson after he won 17 games with a 5 ERA. I guess some pitchers automatically get better run support when they take the mound.

Mike did make one decent point, though. Maybe the Yanks should target a SS in the off-season and move Jeter to CF. His play at SS hasn't killed them this year, but maybe it's time to transition, since they do need a CF. I think Jeter could be good out there, but the Yanks would need to pick up a young SS in exchange. It can't be some 31 year old like Furcal. Where to find such a thing would be another story. Ian Kennedy for Troy Tulowitzki? I don't know, but once again Mike makes a suggestion and never follows through on the details of how to make his idea happen. I'm surprised he doesn't go out to the media with P. Diddy and tell the politicians to "get them to lower gas prices." Hey Diddy, the world doesn't work like your BK commercials. Nice try though, and good luck getting your private jet back in the air. First class for you is inexcusable!

Peteski said...

SO excited ... I can't wait - Mark Bavarro wrote a NOVEL! I guess they got the message that the show's is tracking "boring people to death".

TheNextBestThing1 said...

This show is woefully bad...Mark Bavarro are you fucking kidding me..Dog is somewhere laughing hysterically with the grey goose and cranberry listening knowing is partner is struggling w/out him..

Johnny said...

Listen to Mike. After defending Abreu's numbers for the last couple years, now he calls him a number hanger---something Philaldephia Phillies fans like me know all too well. Is it a surprise that Philadlephia has played better without Abreu? No.

I agree about Jeter. He has slowed down defensively. But, to defend him, we have seen all of his games for 13 years. Everybody is going to lose a step after 13 years, I don't care who you are.

But, Mike once again, is a fraud. A few weeks ago, he was saying that they would make their run; now he's bashing everybody. Typical sports talk.

He has also mentioned Doggie about five times so far. No matter what he says, he misses the Dog badly. He is better with Dog, and Dog would be better with him.

Soon, they will realize it.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

WFAN and Francesa will have rue the day they let Dog walk...just the Red Sox have yet to rue the day they traded Manny..

bigjf said...

I think you'll find Dog to be more successful over time than Mike. Mike, at this rate, will fade fast. I could see Dog thriving with Sirius, he's got a good personality for it.

In typical Mike fashion, he has Bavarro in early. Guaranteed this interview will be replayed at 6. Mike loves to not work (don't we all?), but knowing that he has off tomorrow with the Mets day game, he will definitely find any excuse to leave early.

As for Abreu, what I have learned about him is how poor he is defensively. He barely makes the routine play, and his arm does not compensate. He's also lost a step on his speed since the Yanks got him. So now his stolen bases are down, along with his power. I wouldn't mind if they brought him back, but it can't be for Adam Dunn money. He needs to make a few million less next year, so I don't think he will be back, as someone will offer him what he wants. I'll take the draft picks though. Abreu has actually been one of their best clutch performers. 1.220 OPS with runners on and 2 out, 1.076 RISP and 2 out, the whole team has stunk this year with RISP, but Abreu is at a respectable .806 OPS for RISP and .980 close and late. I could live with him being back, but I doubt he will be, especially as he starts to decline. I'd prefer Dunn, myself.

Jason said...

did fatso really suggest ian kennedy for rookie of the year troy tulowitski who just signed a cheap long term deal with the rockies? maybe the yanks can bring dren hensen back and trade him for time lincecum. im sure the giants would absolutely JUMP on that one!

Jason said...

drew hensen and tim lincecum. sorry for the typos.

bigjf said...

jason, Mike did not suggest that actually. That was my imitation of something he might suggest. All he did was his usual, suggest something be done without delving into details on how to do it.

Jason said...

haha ok. btw, has fatso talked about the mets yet? i stepped away from my desk for a few minutes. thought he might've covered them within that three minute span.

you guys do a great job, as you could tell by my many comments. haha.

bigjf said...

Nope, just the boring interview with Bavarro that will almost definitely be replayed at 6 so Mike can leave early and take another short vacation.