Thursday, September 4, 2008


We have learned that Mike has a soar throat. We have learned that Mike is at Giants Stadium. Well, actually the bubble outside of the Stadium. We have learned that being in the bubble allows YES to join us. If they were in the press booth inside the Stadium, YES couldn’t have joined in. Thank God. The bubble looks great. We have learned that the real reason they are broadcasting from the bubble is because it is air conditioned. We have learned it’s a gorgeous summer day. We would have never known that from inside the bubble. We have learned that at 4PM, the bubble will be open to the public. We have learned that they have a new rule this year that the grounds have to be sweeped at 2PM. If you came from Pennsylvania to tailgate today, those folks have to pack up, leave the grounds, then they do a full sweep of the grounds and then those folks have to come back in. What we have not learned yet is why, on the first day that Chris Russo will be going head-to-head with Mike, is he opening the show in the most uninteresting way possible?


bigjf said...

We have learned Mike does apparently enjoy the too familiar jingle, and it is likely here to stay.

TheNextBestThing1 said...

I just think that he is that cocky and pompous, and he wont until the bubble is empty at 4 b/c everyone will be at that their car Sirius on the radio..

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Yea i mentioned earlier that he loved it, he loved it yesterday as well..

We have also learned that Mike is doing his over unders against his producers who according to him are incompetent..Mike first pick will be the Eagles i guarantee you..

Soma Boy said...

Call the Fonz -

The show is on the clock to pick the exact date Francesa's career officially jumps the shark...

He always repeats himself but now, without any voice of objection, he's mind numbing to me, and most of the people he interviews. The PSL talk with Mara was about the 10th time I've heard him bs about it - why not just say - I'm ripping you off and you love it.

But the real problem with the show is that Mike is unable to be himself w/o looking so obnoxious that it's impossible to take. He used to be the audience's safety valve to hose off Dog - calm down Dog - be careful Dog - and now he's
just conducting a sermon on a loop and whether it's Heyman, or Sweenie or even Carlin the other day - the other person is there to get the gospel according to Mikey.

Poor Mr. Met. Minko didn't make the cut. I wonder if he gets to do NFL Now on SUN as his consolation prize. The remote as Shea will be a painful listen, since THIS is the coming out party for the new show...

Nothing can get by him alright.

Splash, MRF 09.05