Monday, September 29, 2008


If you watched Mike'd Up last night (and if you choose sleep instead, you were smart. It is essentially the radio show with craft services) you got a chance to hear a preview of what you will hear from Mike today. The big news is that he completely backed off what he was saying all week and weeks before that, which was that the Mets could not bring Manuel, without making it to the playoffs, into the new building.

Last night, Mike changed his tune. He seemed ok that Omar had decided to bring Jerry back. He said that "you could argue that he shouldn't come back" but that it was ok. This is where my issue begins.

We all that Mike and Omar are friends. Could Omar have called up Mike and told him to not go crazy about the Jerry hiring? Could Omar, in return, promise to continue to give Mike some insider info on the Mets and perhaps even refuse to go on Russo's show? Who knows. But what is a little tricky to me is the fact that Omar Minaya has been the general manager of a team that has had not one but two awful September collapses. He has been the general manager that fired Willie Randolph in the middle of the night which everyone criticized. He is the general manager that put together this team, including the bullpen. And he is the general manager that is now getting a four year deal? And our pal Mike has nothing to say about that? These are the things that he yells and screams about. Too many callers spend time kissing Mike's ass and too few call him out on these issues. He needs to be taken to task. He needs to know that we are aware of the huge contradictions and the conflicts of interest that these relationships cause. Omar's ok. Jerry's ok. Reyes and Wright, not so much.

Something is rotten in the state of Francesa.


gman26 said...

To be fair, all last week, people were calling into Russo complaining about Minaya's deal. Russo didn't criticize Omar at all. All he said was, "I can understand why you're angry." Does Omar have pictures of Chris and Mike?

loki said...

Omar Minaya lives in Harrington Park, NJ. I live in the next town over, Norwood. I have seen him at local elementary schools meeting people. He is rich, I am rich, we are awesome.

KBilly said...

This just in: Loki hangs out at elementary schools.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Mike choosing to bash the "big 4" players- "This is a case of these guys gagging again. They don't know how to win!"

Not a Met fan so my input is worthless, but I have to put it on the bats as well. 5 runs in last 3 games against the Marlins? Just a bad last week by the Mets. All at home against 2 teams playing for nothing.

Made what could be a good point saying he'd be happy to see jerry back b/c he likes him (or his radio program likes him) but he thinks the big reason he will be back is just that - everyone likes him. They still collapsed with Jerry as manager, and Jerry was also a coach for last year's collapse.