Friday, September 5, 2008


Listening to today's open, I am beginning to think that the fact that the NFL season is upon us might very well prove to be the life vest that Mike needs to save his solo show. He is obviously extremely comfortable talking the pigskin..His analysis on things may be widely inaccurate at times, but he talks with confidence. He exudes something when he is talking NFL. And the fact that the season is starting right now could not have come at a better time for Mike. As we all have talked about endlessly here, his show has struggled mightily since the departure of Dog. But I just have a feeling that a little NFL might just be what the doctor ordered for Francesa.


1fanLG said...

The Sunday Francesa show was always my favorite, he needs to model the new show after that, so I agree the NFL is saving his fat arse...

TheNextBestThing1 said...


Loki said...

You do realize that his radio show is about SPORTS right? And if I'm not mistaken football is a SPORT. So therefore, it should be obvious he's talking about you think one day at a time?

Anonymous said...

I can certainly tolerate Mike when he is talking football and I did think how the timing of the breakup/new show could'nt be better for him due to the start of football season!

Talking Football is one of the rare times Fatso seems to speak with passion and for the love of his work that turned out to be so lucrative for him.

I also envision the new format to be on the order of "Miked Up' since that show is much more watchable than the current product Mike is providing us with.

Football season is also the one time of the year when we can actually expect Mike to put in a full week of work.

Hopefully better shows are on their way!