Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Mike apparently does pay attention to what people say about him. I turned him on at the same time I had Russo on, so I could write a little post called 'In Stereo'. And just as I tuned in, he was saying, 'we have 3 outlets bidding for this show. I wish Dog well. I have no animosity for him.' It was obvious that his blood was up and that this was going to be good. He didn't disappoint.

Mike went on to bash Bob Raissman and lash out at all the criticism that he has taken during the summer. He also subtly and not so subtly said that he was wearing the pants for 20 years. He mentioned that he rated better solo than Dog did over the years.

A good rhetorician can play different roles in an argument in his attempt to win the debate. And Mike did just that. Here are a few of the hats he wore:

Mike the victim.
"I was getting pounded...I was called all kinds of names."

Mike the disingenuous
"I'm only here because of you...I love the audience. I try to be respectful to the audience."

Mike the bully
"He's what you need to know about Raissman...I got Favre on. And all Raissman did was say that I bullied the Jets to get him on."

Mike the lawyer
"These are the hard facts...They are public record."

Mike at one point said, "Enough's enough." As we can see this story is just getting started.


TheNextBestThing1 said...

Now this show is dedicated to all the people who are gonna call up and kiss his ass and saying what a great person he is and he ll refute every argument by saying i have more money than you..

Now the phone lines will be open for the next three hours since the show is solely about him..

gman26 said...

He said, 'I'm not trying to hold a referendum', but you're right nextbest. That's exactly what this show has become. To me, it's apparent that the cracks are showing.

Anonymous said...

That made for great radio but an awful attempt at a self-pity party!!!

How does this now unfold? Here is my prediction:

The backlash the remainder of the week will be worse than anything Fatso has experienced over the course of the past month. Mikes show will unravel on Friday with schoolchildren calling in and calling him names. Mike will have another minor breakdown and dismiss his young callers as Mets fans.

Fast forward to Sunday night and Mikes desire to be the headline of all NY sports stories!

Last game at Yankee stadium. Its the seventh inning and instead of hearing Kate Smith the new jingle to Francesa on the fan comes over the loudspeaker. Fans point to the stadiums roof where Mike stands wearing his Bernie Williams jersey and holding his Jorge Posada signed catchers mitt in one hand and a "I hate the Dog" foam finger in the other.

Mike looks to the sky resembling the Goodyear blimp that lost its way after the Giants game and Belly flops off the roof onto home plate thus delaying the game and stealing Mondays front page of the Daily news/NY Post from the Yankees.

As of Monday 9/22/08 Chris Russo is the only and best show in town!!!!


TheNextBestThing1 said...

Yea i think he knows its coming to an end..To my bad my god damn Sirius trial is acting up and i cant listen to Russo cuz this pity party is pathetic..

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Mike just showing off how much money he has again? Who gives a fuck about this survivor pool? I hate my comp i think its cursed by Fatcesa and crew...

Anonymous said...

If anyone has a clip of this rant please post it, can't believe I missed this!

TheNextBestThing1 said...

Yea it sounded as if he was on way tears as if he were Dog just a month ago yesterday...He is very much a pussy as appropriately put one of our fellow blogger's..

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

You guys are acting way to childish, calling him fatso, chances are at least a few of you are "the pot calling the kettle black." And I can't beleive you would continue listening if you dislked him so much and can't beleive all of you would rather listen to Dog talk about non New York stuff. But get on with it, one way or the other, because you sound like a bunch of Junior High girls

TheNextBestThing1 said...

And you sound like a wretched old principal...so put a cork in it..

Peteski said...

Bill you make an interesting point. Dog isn't happening, Mike IS talking NY sports (and how they relate to him) but remember, Mike's winning personality is why M&MD are through, and I am not happy about it.

I'm off to the Jungle. Does anyone have Streamlink id/pw?

thanks, Peteski, W 32"

Rock said...

I love it! Mike is feeling the pressure.
What goes around comes around. When you treat people like shit and act like an arrogant ass...Shit is going to come back at you.

Mike can dish it out but he can't take it!

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

I happen to enjoy listening to your calls into the FAN!

I really did'nt mean to offend anyone with my post and most of us here are just out to have some fun and are very disappointed in the breakup/demise of this show. I not only look at it as a great "success story gone bad" but more importantly a story of "greed and power" that split up a relationship that should have been cherished. It's very sad! The majority of us can only dream about having a shot at a great job as theirs and I wish we could have the two of them do one more show together(perhaps a football Friday/recap Monday along with the playoff race).

As you can tell many of us miss and side with the perceived "underDOG" of the 19 year show.

BTW-- I happen to think I'm in great shape and if I had Mikes money and time off I would be in even better shape(lol).


Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

Good post JD