Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As we have all chronicled, Mike Francesa started his new era on thin ice. He promised changes, co-hosts, jingles, the whole bit. And he's delivered next to nothing. Even the name of his new show stinks - Mike'd Up Francesa on The Fan. Then yesterday, the Mets collapse basically gave Mike Meth Mouth. Out he come with vigor and passion and opinion. And how does he follow it up? By coming in late for today's show. Evan and Joe did a nice little song and dance show for his tardiness. Inexcusable. This guy doesn't get it. He just doesn't want to put in the effort to further his career.

Now, of course, he'll come in and say that he had some personal issues and I'll feel like Loki. But as of 1:12, this is atrocious.


Anonymous said...


First Time, Long Time said...

Mike stinks.

Anonymous said...

Yippee. He's got some time and the 20/20 to get his fat ass into his chair.

Anonymous said...

yea whatever happened to his co-hosts, his new jingle...etc

and is the name of the show "miked up" or "francesca on the fan" ?

and is the word verification necessary?-it's annoying

loki said...


Mike has a brain tumor!

Johnny said...

I agree, that Mike is being totally lazy when it comes to revamping his show. He says he wants to make some changes, but after nearly a month, nothing.

I never thought Mike was good at preparing for his show. He is good at thinking on his feet, and he is good at interviewing, even when he often just give statements that the person usually says, "that's right, Mike."

But, with a 5.5 hour show, he needs a sidekick. He is going to go the Michael Kay route. Kay is solo, but he has LaGreca as his sidekick and LaGreca is good at that.

It's been a month, Mike, let's go!

Johnny said...

You are right, it has been a month and Mike has done nothing about changing his show----nothing.

Pepraration was never his best asset.

Come on Mike, let's get going. You're good, but going solo for 5.5 hours is just too much

Johnny said...

Where are the other posts

Anonymous said...

First and foremost let me say that I'm glad that Mike is ok and that all he suffers from is a case of sun poisoning due to a lack of chap stick with SPF.

That being said Mike needs to pull it together!!! Since he went solo this is the second delayed show.

The Bar A nightmare was blamed on traffic and yes their was a bad accident here in NJ, but why not leave room for error and take that into consideration when making travel plans?

Bar A has become an important and much anticipated "on location" show and Mike minimilized it with his tardiness!!!

Hey Mike--- STOP YOUR BITCHING ABOUT THE METS AND "THE CORE" and worry about yourself, your future, and your show!!!!!!

You are paid proportionately well compared to athletes and you are by far the biggest underachiever I have witnessed this past month!!!!

I raced home from work today while Joe and Evan told me about Miked up/Francesa on the fan is on at 1:05 and when I get home I have a cheerleading show on YES????

I sped by Giants stadium but did'nt even glance because according to Mikes show--- we are'nt in football season! We are in the "never ending" bitch on the Mets season.

Us Mets fans unlike Mike and Yankee fans in general can be hard enough on our "lovable losers" and we can discuss what changes need to be made. Mike can't even make his mind up!!!! He was the one who wanted Manuel gone until Mike went to bed with Omar!!!

Mike--- get to work on time! Talk football(you're actually good at it), talk Yankee changes, talk playoff baseball, talk stock market, etc.

Hey Mike--- pull it together or sing the suicide song of talk shows and JUST SHUT THE F_ _ _ K UP!!!!!


TheNextBestThing1 said...

thats is pathetic...